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Are Plastic Products Safe?

Potentially harmful plastic additives have to be distinguished between the different kinds of plastic. Several international organisation and countries have determined banned and restricted substances.  
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Chemicals that are Banned Worldwide

The intricacy of the chemical process involves various stages wherein some chemicals become hazardous due to their unique properties. Included in this article are the different chemicals that are banned in the Stockholm Convention Treaty.
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Research and development China

China’s Innovation Challenge

Following a challenging economic climate, the importance for China to focus on innovation is greater than ever. Shedding the country’s image of being the go to location for cheap manufacturing won’t be easy. Continuous growth within the specialised manufacturing sector is helping. However, over the long term, the country needs even further technology advances.
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Entering the Chinese Market

Success in China is all but guaranteed. Many large international companies have tried entering the Chinese market and failed. However, do not be discouraged. Learn from the mistakes of Western market leaders.
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A Tough Nut to Crack: The Chinese Market

With continued growth and a rising level of disposable income among citizens, large profits can be made. However, naivety and inexperience has stopped many over-arrogant multinational entities from solving the puzzle.
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Different Risks of Doing Business with China

Risk comes in all shapes and forms. Risk is present domestically and internationally. Occasionally, the risks outweigh the benefits of outsourcing to China. However, in the vast majority of cases China wins.
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Cluster Manufacturing in China

Business clusters are found globally. From Silicon Valley to your neighborhood. Cluster manufacturing is not much different, but China implements it best.
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business in china usually works in a grey area

Business in China

Individuals and companies around the world can recognise the potential conducting business in China offers. The land of opportunity attracts many global minds and many believe it is where the most money can be made. However, Westerners can be put-off by the vast differences between their nation and China, represented by a fear of the...
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a look at the PMI sees tremendous growth

Analysts Predict Positive End To The Calendar Year

China’s manufacturing industry going to hold onto an unexpected expansion during November. Signalled by China's PMI revealing another continuous month of expansion in the manufacturing industry. A poll by Reuters revealed activity levels within factories continued to increase
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Networking Supplier

Networking To Find A Chinese Supplier

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and cost effective supplier can be a difficult task. Online directories advertise thousands of different company profiles. However, despite there being a large volume, quality can still be rare. Due diligence can be a costly and long process. Whittling down the prospective list of suitable suppliers may be too large of...
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