Taiwanese Manufacturing of PCB

Consumer Electronics Made in China

Chinese consumer electronic companies are successfully supplying the world for years. While they usually only built consumer electronics for foreigns brands in the past, there are a number of successful consumer electronics companies now that sell their product under their own name.
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workers on a magazine cover as China joining the WTO

China joining the WTO: Looking Back 15 Years On

15 years ago when the world saw China joining the WTO (World Trade Organisation) analysts could not predict what followed. Vast economic growth, rising income levels and quality of life, and China becoming a global power.
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China trade rivalry Relación comercial entre Estados Unidos y China

Will A China-US Rivalry Destroy Free Trade?

With the US presidential election about to come to an end, many Chinese experts are predicting several negative impacts to hit the US China trade relationship. This relationship can at best be described as frosty over the course of history. Despite this, the future following this year’s election looks even colder.
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Vientnamese shoppers in An Dong Plaza

Is the Vietnam Miracle Really A Better Bargain?

You should have already heard of the country Vietnam. However you may not be aware the country is home to a thriving economy and a booming manufacturing industry. With an ever increasing globalized world there is more choice than ever in which country you source your products from. While China may be the most thought...
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