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Different Risks of Doing Business with China

Risk comes in all shapes and forms. Risk is present domestically and internationally. Occasionally, the risks outweigh the benefits of outsourcing to China. However, in the vast majority of cases China wins.
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workers on a magazine cover as China joining the WTO

China joining the WTO: Looking Back 15 Years On

15 years ago when the world saw China joining the WTO (World Trade Organisation) analysts could not predict what followed. Vast economic growth, rising income levels and quality of life, and China becoming a global power.
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Taiwanese Manufacturing of PCB

Profitable Opportunities in the Taiwanese Manufacturing Sector

Taiwan, one of the many islands in Asia seeing a growing manufacturing industry. While many similar countries are focusing on the low cost products, Taiwan has a strong reputation for innovative technological goods.
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Import tips to make money

3 Simple Import Tips You Should Never Forget

Importing from Asia offers plenty of potential and profits. However if you conduct no research and dive straight in, chances are you will not be successful. This article will provide a few tips on what to look out for.
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