Labor Costs
China's debt is about about to pop

How to understand China’s Mammoth Debt

After an unprecedented sustained level of growth over the last couple of decades, China’s economy is looking uncertain. Factors, include an ageing population and an increase in the cost of labour have received due attention. But there are many other factors which could disrupt China’s strong economic growth. Identifying these are the first step to...
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panda dressed in robot suit at World Robot Conference

China’s World Robot Conference is a Promising Look at the Future

Beijing is currently hosting the World Robot Conference where many exciting robots are on display. What could this mean for the future of Chinese manufacturing?
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Vientnamese shoppers in An Dong Plaza

Is the Vietnam Miracle Really A Better Bargain?

You should have already heard of the country Vietnam. However you may not be aware the country is home to a thriving economy and a booming manufacturing industry. With an ever increasing globalized world there is more choice than ever in which country you source your products from. While China may be the most thought...
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