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A Tough Nut to Crack: The Chinese Market

With continued growth and a rising level of disposable income among citizens, large profits can be made. However, naivety and inexperience has stopped many over-arrogant multinational entities from solving the puzzle.
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China's economy such as women working for the airline

Emerging Industries: Hold The Key To China’s Economy

China's economy is thriving. Growth has slowed, yet growth rates are still higher than the majority of Western nations. The large population enables China to create powerful economic output. Manufacturing, agriculture and services have traditionally been major industries driving China's economy. However, the transitioning economic environment is seeing a shift towards a heavier service reliant...
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Import tips to make money

3 Simple Import Tips You Should Never Forget

Importing from Asia offers plenty of potential and profits. However if you conduct no research and dive straight in, chances are you will not be successful. This article will provide a few tips on what to look out for.
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Map of Southeast Asia with Names

Can Non-Chinese Suppliers Actually Provide Better Value?

Emerging markets in the region are taking advantage of China moving up the value chain. However, are these countries actually providing better value? We say, "Yes."
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