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Different Risks of Doing Business with China

Risk comes in all shapes and forms. Risk is present domestically and internationally. Occasionally, the risks outweigh the benefits of outsourcing to China. However, in the vast majority of cases China wins.
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Chinese Economy in 2017 what is in the cards

Chinese Economy in 2017

The Chinese economy in 2017 appears uncertain. Analysts originally predicted a turbulent year for the economy in 2016. All signs have pointed towards to economic stabilization as of late. However, 2017 could hold unexpected changes.
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a look at the PMI sees tremendous growth

Analysts Predict Positive End To The Calendar Year

China’s manufacturing industry going to hold onto an unexpected expansion during November. Signalled by China's PMI revealing another continuous month of expansion in the manufacturing industry. A poll by Reuters revealed activity levels within factories continued to increase
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China PMI for the month of december

Government Economic Statement For 2017

Following recent positive December PMI results analysts speculated a change in economic targets for China. The Communist Party of China currently ruling the country has recently announced future plans in the economic statement. Challenging major tasks await on the road ahead. Economic growth will depend on combating these areas.
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Pandas on a plain waiting for landing

Why Little PMI Growth Screams, “This is a China Soft Landing!”

For the third month running good news has been announced throughout the manufacturing sector of the Chinese economy. For the month of September, a reversal of the previous contraction seen in the Purchasing Managers index (PMI) has continued for three months running.
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view of Hinkley Point from air

Toxic Debt at Home Makes Chinese Firms Secure UK Assets

Good news all around for the China business world as confidence seems to be rising among companies and entrepreneurs alike. According to China's Central Bank the business confidence index rose up to 51.2% in the third quarter. The index is a measure used by the bank to indicate the amount of optimism by managers and...
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