Economic Policy
Aerial view industry factory of Urumqi

China’s 5 Year Renewable Energy Plan

China has announced a $365bn investment into renewable energies.  Fossil fuels may have been the previous driver of the manufacturing revolution. By 2020, this reliance should shift towards cleaner fuels.
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China PMI for the month of december

Government Economic Statement For 2017

Following recent positive December PMI results analysts speculated a change in economic targets for China. The Communist Party of China currently ruling the country has recently announced future plans in the economic statement. Challenging major tasks await on the road ahead. Economic growth will depend on combating these areas.
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China's debt is about about to pop

How to understand China’s Mammoth Debt

After an unprecedented sustained level of growth over the last couple of decades, China’s economy is looking uncertain. Factors, include an ageing population and an increase in the cost of labour have received due attention. But there are many other factors which could disrupt China’s strong economic growth. Identifying these are the first step to...
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