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5 Recycled Plastic Products We Often Use in Our Daily Lives

In this article, we discover recycled plastic products out of regular items we use and apply them on our ways towards plastic management. Starting to recycle plastic products in your own home is already a big help for the environment.


recycled plastic products


Plastic is a huge threat to our world and the environment. Plastic makes up hundreds of millions of tons of waste every year and what’s even worse is that it takes centuries to break down in landfills or ocean. Plastic waste the world produces now is many times more than 10 years before. This is a very big threat to our environment. Recycling is one of the easiest ways we can overcome this problem. Plastic waste is increasing day by day and we all need to stop it. We need to use recycled plastic products as much as we can so that plastic waste can be recycled more and more. This would definitely help the world’s environment.

The world is now aware and is trying to stop the use of virgin plastic and many people are trying to use recycled plastic as much as they can. You too should pitch in for this great cause and use recycled plastic as much as you can. Below I have stated the types of custom plastics that can be recycled and what products can be made from recycled plastic;

Plastic bottles is one of the most popular recycled plastic products.

Types of Plastic that can be Recycled

The types of plastics that can be recycled are:

PETE– Polyethylene Terephthalate – It is used to make water bottles, food packaging etc. The good thing about it is that it can be recycled very easily

HDPE– High Density Polythene- It is used to make milk containers, hair care products etc. It is recycled and made into bottles or bags

PVC– Polyvinyl chloride- This plastic is quite hard to recycle. Pipes, furniture etc are made up of this plastic

LDPE– Low density polyethylene- It is used in package wrapping, trash bags etc. When recycled they can again be turned into bags and wrapping.

PP– Polypropylene- It is used in plastic tubs, bottles etc. It is made into fibers after recycling which is used in making clothing.

PS – Polystyrene- It is used in making plastic cups, trays etc. It is quite difficult to recycle and not many recycling centers take it.

Plastic slippers are another kind of popular recycled plastic products.

Products Made from Recycled Plastic

There are many companies that are taking the plastic waste issue seriously and working on how to get rid of it. Some of the products made from recycled plastic are given below:

Plastic Bottles from Recycled Plastic.

Isn’t it interesting that the bottles we throw in waste are collected by recycling centers and are recycled and made into plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are made from PETE- Polyethylene Terephthalate and it is one of the easiest plastics that can be recycled. Evian, a mineral water company, is trying to use as much recycled plastics in their water bottles they can. Currently they use around 25% of recycled plastic in their water bottles but they are trying to increase this figure to a whopping 100% by 2025. If all the plastic bottles companies follow Evian there can be a huge change in the world’s environment.


We all need shoes for walking and exercise (running and jogging). What if the shoes we wear were made of recycled plastic? Many plastic factories are using recycled plastics to make footwear. A known ocean organization Parley recently collaborated with Adidas to make shoes using ocean plastic waste. This can be a really good step to reduce plastic waste from the ocean. Obviously these recycled plastic shoes are not of really good quality or design but still you should buy it and work for a good cause.

T-shirts and Apparel

Some plastics like PETE and PP can be recycled and turned into fibers. These fibers can be used to make clothing. Many companies are making active wear, t-shirts, pants and other types of clothing from these fibers. A very famous company NIKE used recycled plastic to make women’s soccer kits. They used around 3 billion plastic bottles for this cause. Not only Nike but luxurious brand Gucci also make men’s outerwear by recycling fishing nets. Just like Gucci and Nike many other brands are also making apparels out of recycled plastic.

Mats and Rugs

Mattresses and rugs can also be made from recycled plastic and this can bring a great change in the environment because almost every one of us needs a Matt or rug in our homes. Companies are participating in this cause by making rugs and Matts from recycled plastic. A company named Weaver Green is making stylish and practical rugs and mattresses using 100% recycled plastic. They say that around 3000 plastic bottles are used in making one rug. Here are other great news regarding recycling plastics and plastic waste management which are relevant to the world today.


In this article I mentioned about 5 everyday usage products that are made of recycled plastic and I also stated the types of plastics that can be recycled and why we should recycle plastic. These are just some of the many ways people are trying to recycle plastic waste as it is one of the most major problems of the world and would not stop until and unless we try to stop it. Want to contribute to this cause? Just stop the use of virgin plastic wherever you can and use recycled plastic as much as you can.

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