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From Homelessness to Being a Successful Billionaire


John Paul Dejoria is a self-made billionaire and has one of the most inspiring success stories ever. Before he co-founded legendary companies such as John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patron Spirits Company, life was a hard road to travel for Dejoria and he became a homeless man not only once, but twice before becoming a successful entrepreneur and billionaire.

The Tough Road to Success

It was 1966, Dejoria was a 22-year old, married with a 2-year old son. His wife suddenly abandoned him and the kid, took away rent money for their apartment including the only car they owned. Dejoria and his son were left without assets and were forced to live in the street after being evicted from the apartment. He worked on different jobs from being a janitor, a salesman, and an insurance agent before he was introduced to the world of hair care where he will get his first major break.

Dejoria co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980. Again, it was a bad time for his marriage and he just left the house giving his wife all the money. He and his partner just started a startup company with a $700 capital. He had no home during this time, so he basically slept in his car during the first few weeks of the company. For the second time in his life, he was a homeless man once again.

John Paul Mitchell Systems went on to become a major hair care company now worth more than $900M. In 1980, Dejoria also co-founded The Patron Spirits Company which is more known because of its Patron tequila product. The latter is even more successful than his previous company which cemented his caliber as an entrepreneur.

Today, John Paul Dejoria has a net worth of more than $3.4B and despite all his success, he never ceases to give back to the needy by being an active philanthropist. He is an active supporter of multiple foundations and charitable institutions. He is also a proud supporter of political campaigns that he believes in going all out in terms of financial support.

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