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How to Do Cost Estimation in Manufacturing Early On

Here is a simple introduction to how we conduct our cost estimation services for our clients using advanced tools and methodology. We always stress the importance of cost estimation, as it is critical to the business budget.


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Cost estimation is a vital process in the world of manufacturing and production. Its accuracy could be the deciding factor whether your business is bound to make it or not. With my experience in working for a retail company, my boss used to spend days on cost estimation without executing any actual work until the cost estimation process is done. This made me feel how crucial cost estimation is to any business/project. Let us learn the strategies that will help us get on top of cost estimation and make sure we are on the right track towards profitability.

The biggest challenge for a business owner or project manager is to cover all aspects of the business plan at the right preferences within the budget set for it. There may be chances wherein some of the expectations are not met due to budget constraints. This is why controlling costs is very critical to the outcome of businesses and keeping costs at the lowest possible is a must. You might want to read this latest article which highlights how to cost estimate mobile app development, which follows a similar structure for the costing approach.

Helpful Tips on Estimating Costing

  1. Trust the client/company relationship

Establishing trust between parties is the most important step for procurement plan and you must work alongside to be cost-effective and at the same time make sure you are sticking to the budget allotted for the project. The most common step by step process for this in any manufacturing company is to map out the production plan at the start of the project based on the marketing calendar. Allot money for specific initiatives and discuss how to cut expenses on some areas to help improve others. This is an effective process to work around the budget and at the same time double executions.

  1. Highlighting packaging and shipping fees

A lot of money can be worked around packaging and shipping processes. You can greatly cut down expenses or reduce costs as long as these aspects are well planned out. For example, you can outsource packaging to other companies at a cheap rate which allows you to save up on machinery expenses. You can also hire courier services to do shipping for you and they can give you discounts as long as you exclusively hire them for such service. The following would have a huge impact on estimating costing depending on your approach.

  1. Less expenses means less risk

When you have less variables in your procurement plant then there should be less room for risks. If possible, merge variables or eliminate possible expenditures so that your costing is only focused on vital parts of the project. Having less risks should translate to a better chance at success.

cost estimation can be scientific but formulaic

Why Take Advantage of Cost Estimation Services

A good understanding of the costs will give you stronger negotiating power to get the most competitive pricing. Use our expertise to create a project cost estimation that meets your budget. Learn what prices for a given product are truly realistic.

Our vast network of suppliers allows us to provide you with a clear cost breakdown. We will walk you through the entire cost estimation process. We cover most costs in your white label or sourcing project. The product cost estimate includes consideration of non-price aspects such as expected shipping effort, production turnaround time, supplier quality, and potential customization. Intrepid Sourcing and Services cost estimation service lets your company accurately gauge the product cost.

  • Understand Your Expenses: Find the most cost-effective solutions for your business with product cost estimation. Estimation and costing can vary from supplier to supplier. Invest smartly in processes with a neat breakdown of all costs.
  • Use Your Budget Wisely: Cost estimation methods influence your budgets. It helps you understand the constraints of your budget. Learn how to use the cost estimation tools to understand your budget.
  • Make Sense of Your Project: Our expert cost estimator methods make sure you understand each part of your project. Have a clear understanding about different possibilities by estimating costing early. Our professional tools will help you to do that.

Product and Project Cost Estimation

Why it Matters

Product price estimation and costing is a key part to the already tough job of outsourcing manufacturing. Many people know developing a product cost estimation can often be tricky. The product cost estimation method is similar to product costing except for one small difference: while product costing is dedicated to completely new products, cost estimates only work with existing products that factories already make. We believe all cost estimations should check three main aspects: costs from alternative factories, specialized costing methods for a product brake-down and prices not related to the product like logistics.

Firstly, comparing prices during the estimation and costing process provides you with a clear understanding of your market product cost. Secondly, checking the production information against what the factory estimates gives an accurate understanding of the real product cost. Thirdly, getting the product from the factory to your warehouse requires understanding of logistics and customs processes. These three parts give you a realistic product cost estimation that matches your plans. That’s why relying on a few supplier quotations is a bad idea.

This is the most underrated tip that people in the OEM manufacturing industry often overlook in project/product cost estimation. Less expenses means less risks. When you have less variables in your procurement plant then there should be less room for risks. If possible, merge variables or eliminate possible expenditures so that your costing is only focused on vital parts of the project. Having less risks should translate to a better chance at success.

You might want to checkout this technology news on doing cost estimate as well.

Want to Combine Services?

Optimizing your costing structure is a smart business decision, but only when a proper approach is taken to your product cost estimation methodology. This is why it helps to have experience on your side. Our professional tools are made specifically to objectively compare all suppliers. We can provide you with a more realistic and reliable project cost estimation.

Each project requires customized attention. You can choose standard packages or go for a personal-driven solution. Make the best combination for your success and we will deliver it to you with great care!

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