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How to Find a Custom Jackets Manufacturer

If you are into custom jackets manufacturing, then this article is perfect for you since it perfectly describes how to find a custom jackets manufacturer. Finding one is obviously the biggest challenge when you are a startup entrepreneur.


Jackets are always an ideal product to manufacture because of its popularity in the market. Even if they are not relatively cheap compared to shirts and other clothing items, they still rake sales because of their purpose. Customers need jackets during winter or the cold season. Others may also use it as an accessory to boost their look. These reasons make custom jackets manufacturing a good business option.

If you are into custom jackets manufacturing then it is obvious your biggest challenge is how to find a custom jackets manufacturer. Sure there are a lot of suppliers and manufacturers out there, but being able to find someone who is perfect for your business needs is quite a challenge. There are a lot of things you have to tightly consider on how to find a custom jackets manufacturer. In this article, let us discuss them one by one.

how to find custom jackets manufacturer in China.

Things to Consider when Finding a Custom Jackets Manufacturer

There are several things you need to check before being able to say you got the right manufacturer for your custom jackets. Since you are manufacturing a specific type of clothing product in the form of custom jackets, the first thing you have to ask is the manufacturer’s capability of producing your jacket designs. It can be a huge plus if the potential manufacturer you have chosen specialize in this type of clothing product. Otherwise, the knowledge and ability to create custom jackets can also suffice. You can also check this great article on the latest manufacturing trend.

Aside from the ability to produce custom jackets, it is also important to know and understand their standards and business practices. These factors definitely adhere whether they are perfect for your clothing line or not. In case your own standards and quality level contradict their own, then it may be hard for both of you to agree with results at the end of the production line. What may be good enough for them may not qualify to your standards and this is not ideal in business relations.

The next thing you have to do is to dig deep to validate their credibility as a clothing manufacturer. You do not have to go too far in doing this since you can simply check via the internet to check on their reputation as a clothing manufacturer. By visiting their official website or social media accounts, you can get to see testimonials and feedbacks for their past and current works. In case there are negative comments, this can be a sign of bad ethics and unprofessionalism which can serve as red flags to hiring them.

You also have to ask of their MOQ (minimum order quantity) to make sure they are willing to work for you despite having small batch of orders. If this custom jackets project is a startup business, you do not want to invest on something big right away. You might as well test the market first and see how people respond to your custom jackets. If they stir some interest in the market, then that is when you are advisable to go for wholesale clothing suppliers and order for large quantities. Still, it is advisable to gradually increase your orders and slowly move up from the MOQ.

You have to remember a supplier or manufacturer’s service is not only limited to product construction or following what your custom jacket tech pack instructs them to do. As an industry professional, their services must also include giving inputs and advice on your clothing project. Even though the client always have the final say to product development, it is always welcome for the supplier or manufacturer to provide suggestions and comments on the project. As someone who have been in the industry longer than the client is, their expertise and knowledge is an added attribute to the entire custom jackets manufacturing project.

Last but not the least, you have to ask of their manufacturing service fee along with other fees accumulated during the production run. It is a must for them to be transparent with all the fees so you will not be surprised later on if there are undeclared charges from the project. Be noted some manufacturers usually charge high with small orders and subsequently go cheaper as your order increases. Make sure you find a supplier/manufacturer which fits right on to your budget and is understandable of your financial capabilities.


The following factors mentioned above are the things you have to tightly consider on how to find a custom jackets manufacturer. There may be additional factors but the aforementioned ones are the most important in the book. Feel free to add anything since it is a must to be keen when hiring a custom jackets manufacturer anyway, the strict you become means better chances of being able to land the perfect supplier/manufacturer for your project.

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