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How to Find a Custom Pants Manufacturer

Learn how to find a custom pants manufacturer for your original pants clothing line along with a few other tips for planning the perfect supplier arrangement. Discover the perfect B2B contacts and custom pants manufacturer contacts.


Manufacturing custom pants is a brilliant idea if you intend to start a pants clothing line. You cannot rely too much on private and white label products if you have plans on making it big in the industry. These generic pants and jeans can give you a small profit out of the same amount of work and effort compared to a custom pants clothing project. It is much better to pick the latter as an option wherein you have bigger room to improve and the possibilities for your pants clothing line are infinite. It is more important to stand out as a young brand or clothing startup and allows you to grow. Here are some interesting young pants brand that went these route, whether denim jeans or sweatpants.

Picking up the custom pants clothing project idea is quite easy but the bigger challenge ahead is how to find a custom pants manufacturer perfect for the project. Your custom pants manufacturer is a crucial part of your business since your product’s quality completely relies on them. Even though you are going to be the one creating the tech pack and designs, the outcome of the products is still in their hands since they are the one who will execute what the tech pack says (the tech pack is basically the design file).

After being around in this industry for quite some time, let me carve out a simple way on how to find a custom pants manufacturer based on collective experience of the company and people we have worked with. In this article, let us give you some tips on how to find a custom pants manufacturer with ease.

Find a custom pants manufacturer who is conscious with stitches.

Proven Ways to Find a Manufacturer Perfect for Your Custom Pants Needs

Gone are the days wherein you have to go door-to-door in order to find a service provider you are looking for. We have the internet and everything we are looking for can be found by a simple search in Google. Same thing applies when you are looking for a manufacturer for your custom pants products. If you type the keywords custom pants manufacturer in Google, you’d be overwhelmed with the number of results. I suggest for you to click on Alibaba which is somewhere on top of the search results.

When looking for custom pants manufacturers and suppliers, you want to pick companies or factories based in Asian countries such as China since this country is the powerhouse country when it comes to clothing manufacturing. Thus, Alibaba or Global Sources are the perfect site where you can look for them since they are tow of the largest B2B e-commerce websites. Once you are there, you’ll see a lot of categories in there such as technology, jewelry etc. Go to the apparel manufacturing category and once you click it, sub-categories will appear. By this time, you know what to click given your product is custom pants.

There are multiple listings for a certain type of product and each one has its manufacturer details. You can check out the manufacturer info and find out whether they are a global supplier, their rates, no. of units manufactured each month and MOQ (minimum order quantity). The last piece of information is very important for you as a small business considering you are looking forward to start with a small batch of custom pants instead of accommodating a massive order right away.

It will be impossible for you to check out all of the potential suppliers and manufacturers for your custom pants project given Alibaba is a massive site and is home to thousands of merchants and visited by millions worldwide. However, at the end of the day, it can be rest assured you get to shortlist potential manufacturers and suppliers off of the website. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and eventually decide which custom pants manufacturer you love to work with.

Find a custom pants manufacturer conscious of the right measurements.

Disadvantages of Alibaba Contacts & Alternatives

You may hear a lot of people talking negatively of Alibaba due to their customer experience in there. You can even get a hand on a lot of articles and news giving Alibaba a backlash for scam incidents and cases of fraud. However, if you come to think of it, a website of this size will surely be home to scammers and other delinquents. But on the bright side, it is also the place where legit manufacturers, merchants and suppliers reside.

Alibaba is a legitimate way to find custom pants manufacturers. There are significant downsides though. The factories that you find here are larger factories that don’t cater to the needs of small volume manufacturing and hence the MOQs are commonly very large. Furthermore, these are just factories. They can’t help you with the product design files development/tech pack that they expect you to have ready. You also have to determine the materials clearly and know about them. They are not going to help you much with that since they simply execute.

Another large disadvantage of pages like Alibaba and Global Sources is that the coordination can be very difficult and you will have never certainty about your order without personally going there. Language barriers and poor service are very common and they might just deliver you something so that the order is completed without caring much about the quality. Custom pants manufacturing needs attention to details that they often don’t give to their client. Straight up scams are less common but bad quality and delays are very common.

The alternative is to work with companies that are dedicated to small quantity custom apparel manufacturing for pants. They often have their own factory and have more experience with coordination and help for the designs files or fabrics. Make sure that you ask for this help and the small quantity support. You will be surprised how many factories on Alibaba will ignore you. So directly checking for startup friendly and service oriented providers is usually the better alternative.

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