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How to Find a Custom Sportswear or Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

Custom sportswear and fitness clothing are specialized clothing products that need dexterity and skill to make. Here is a simple guide on how to find a custom sportswear or fitness clothing manufacturer for your business and what to check for the supplier selection.


How to Find a Custom Sportswear/Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

Finding clothing manufacturers can be a tough task for small up to mid-sized businesses most especially when they are thinking of producing custom their own custom designs. Most clothing manufacturers prefer to deal with bulk orders when it comes to custom clothes which leaves small businesses on the tail end of the priority list. If you are thinking of manufacturing specific clothing products such as sportswear or fitness clothing, finding the right sportswear manufacturer must be on top of your concerns since they are crucial for getting your product right.

Sportswear and fitness clothing is a type of clothing product which requires expertise from its manufacturers. They involve stretchy and breathable fabrics which are hard to select the right one for and the seamstresses have to be well adept in dealing with this type of fabrics for sewing. In this article, let us learn the right ways on how to find custom sportswear or fitness clothing manufacturer for your project. It is not a tough task at all as long as you know what you are looking for and where to find them.

Athleisure, as the current buzzword, definitely a striving industry and a good niche to start a clothing brand in. You can read more about the development of the niche in this The Atlantic article and are more on the prosperous outlook here from Forbes.

Find a custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturer who is capable of wide garments variety.

Finding the RIGHT Custom Sportswear and Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

The rise of e-commerce paved the way for manufacturers and suppliers to consider small up to mid-sized business and not look past them. In fact, there are clothing manufacturers these days which cater exclusively to provide service and mentorship to small businesses. When it comes to custom sportswear and fitness clothing manufacturing, the case is not different and there is surely a perfect manufacturer out there for your business needs.

The availability of sportswear and fitness clothing manufacturers is out of the question but finding the right one is the tougher predicament. We have already established there are clothing manufacturers out there who cater to small businesses but the problem is not all of them can be perfect for your sportswear/fitness clothing line. There are a few who charge unreasonably expensive yet provide substandard work while there are others who are simply incompetent enough.

When looking for custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturers, there are factors you need to consider before hiring a manufacturer to produce your products. Obviously, the first factor is their work quality. Ask for a list of their past clients and manufactured products to be able to check the quality of their work. If possible, get feedback and listen to testimonials of their past clients to further prove their work ethics. It is your job to do a background research regarding their company and not simply rely on how they advertise themselves. Make sure that they have the expertise by asking about options for sports clothing fabric, their product development process and their recommendations to see how knowledgeable they are in this particular niche.

Another factor you must consider are their service fees and quality. While still starting out, you do not have the privilege of having a big budget for your sportswear/fitness clothing line. Finances are critical and every single dollar counts. Service fees must be transparent and make sure there are no surprise charges later on somewhere along the production process. You must also ask of their minimum quantity order (MOQ) to make sure your business model fits right under their manufacturing services. Many sports clothing factories don’t cater to small startups and young brands that need more support and usually have lower quantities. These factors are what you should consider on how to find the right custom sportswear manufacturer with small quantity support.

Find a custom sportswear or fitness clothing manufacturer who can construct garments the right way.

Overlooked Factors on How to Find a Custom Sportswear or Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

The factors mentioned above such as work quality, company reputation, service fees and the MOQ are standard qualifications in hiring a custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturer. All of these factors part of the protocol not just with sportswear or fitness clothing but in the entire clothing manufacturing industry. Aside from the following mentioned above, there are overlooked factors on how to find a custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturer and here are a few of them:

One of the most overlooked aspect when choosing a custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturer is customer support service. Any professional clothing manufacturer is not only limited to provide production but must also come handy when it comes to inputs, advice and tips regarding the client’s project. The custom sportswear/fitness clothing manufacturer you are going to hire must be a veteran in the industry wherein they can be regarded as experts to this type of clothing manufacturing. Their suggestions and inputs will provide great development to the success of this venture. Make sure they can also help you with your design files, such as creating a clothing tech pack, and also with the fabric selection and sample making process.

Another overlooked aspect is the long-term commitment to the project. It is understandable if both parties can’t commit to a long-term relationship when starting out but it is important to at least establish and share the same vision for this custom sportswear/fitness clothing business venture. Having a common goal and vision is vital to the project because it goes to show you are both into it for the long run. Failure is not an option and both parties only dream of achieving success with this project. The commitment only means you are both willing to work hard to achieve the same vision or goal. Looking into the future, the global sports apparel market is expected to grow steadily in the foreseeable future.

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