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How to Find a Custom Sweaters Manufacturer

Sewing custom sweaters is a critical task and you do not want to risk the process with unproven manufacturers. This article helps you how to find a custom sweaters manufacturer for your business.


Sweater manufacturing is a feasible clothing project because there will always be a winter or cold season all around the globe. Even if you can’t wear sweaters every day, you always need to own at least one pair when the winter arrives. This is the same reason why sweaters are always sellable even if they are a bit expensive compared to other pieces of clothing. If you are one of those who are looking to find custom sweaters manufacturer then this article is perfect for you.

Custom sweater manufacturing is a specialized area in clothing manufacturing. It requires skill and expertise to create sweaters and not all clothing manufacturers out there are qualified for such task. Simply because a certain manufacturer is known to making custom shirts, it does not mean they can also do custom sweaters as expected. Sweaters are made up of specific fabrics which are elastic and relatively thick. These fabrics are not easy to deal with and requires dexterity and skill from the tailors or seamstresses.

Custom sweaters manufacturers are identified based on their approach in creating sweaters. There are four known styles available in creating sweaters and each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the style being used, all of them are proven to create top quality sweaters and are being used by top sweater brands out there in the market today. Getting to know the manufacturer’s style is a must on how to find custom sweaters manufacturers today.

Find a custom sweaters manufacturer who can provide the right cuts and fit.

4 Different Styles on Sewing Sweaters

1. Cut and Sew

Cut and sew is the most common method for sewing sweaters. It is a very efficient style which allows high production rate with much reduced waste. The ability of the sweater manufacturer to work around fabric defects helps reduce wastes since they can strategize to use all of the available fabrics. Through the cut-and-sew method, sweater fabrics can be produced by using the entire diameter of a circular machine or the entire width of the needle bed of a flat-bed machine. Several yards of fabrics can be efficiently used to create cuts for the sweaters and eventually be assembled to create the clothing product.

2. Panel Knitting

Panel knitting is another common method used in sewing sweaters. This method focuses on knitting panels which are specific sections of the patterns used in sweaters. Panels are defined by the exact number of wales and courses being used for each size of the clothing product. A separation thread is created in between panels so they can easily be divided without the need to cut. Once the panels are knitted together, the separation thread can now be removed and the panels are now marked according to the pattern designed for the custom sweater.

3. Full Fashion

The full fashion method totally eliminates the need to cut and sew. This method uses the number of needles for the knitting process as the basis to shape the sweater. It is either increased or decreased to finalize the fabric width. It also follows the process of creating panels but the physical appearance of the fabric differs in the final outcome.

The term “fashion marks” is the result of the full fashion method. It is the transferring of certain loops to needles adjacent to them as a means to widen or narrow down fabric resulting to the formation of fashion marks. If fashion marks are not present, the custom sweater is deemed as a shaped clothing product. Full fashioning is best used to provide better fit and smooth seams.

4. Knit to Wear Garment

Knit to wear garment also known as whole-garment knitting is a style wherein entire sweaters are knit together without any cut and sew or linking. The body and sleeves are knit together in tubular form to come up with the shape and are connected on the machine through narrowing, widening and binding techniques. This style is rarely used by custom sweater manufacturers but is still known to produce top quality sweaters.

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Secret to Find Custom Sweaters Manufacturer

The process on how to find a custom clothing manufacturers needs for you to know the styles they use in creating such garments. You cannot simply rely on how they advertise themselves because obviously all of your potential sweater manufacturer will claim they are excellent at it. By being able to know the style/s they use, you can expect how your sweaters are manufactured and foretell the outcome of your products at the end of the production line.

Sewing custom sweaters is a manufacturing process which requires skill and dexterity. As a clothing line selling custom sweaters, you cannot risk your business by hiring so-so sweater manufacturers out there. You need to go deep into things and be nosy of their manufacturing styles. You do not really have to see them perform since you can easily do this by checking out their previous sweater products. Testimonials and feedbacks from past clients will surely come in handy.

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