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How to Find a Custom Swimwear Manufacturer

Get to know different ways on how to find a custom swimwear manufacturer for your clothing line. Swimwear products are specialized clothing which need special considerations and certain swimwear aspects for finding the right manufacturer have to be considered.


The best way for your swimwear company to stand out in a crowded market is by manufacturing custom designs and cuts. The market is full with standard designs form private label clothing companies. Selling private label or white label items can still be a smart option but they make it harder for you to gain recognition since you are simply one one of many selling the same product simply under a different name. If your goal is to be unique, it is impossible with private or white label products which is why you need to take the custom swimwear manufacturer route in order to stand out. The swimwear market is growing faster than the overall apparel market–chances to getting started and finding your niche are great.

The biggest challenge if you intend to become a custom swimwear clothing line is how to find a custom swimwear manufacturer for your company that can accommodate your small orders despite of needing a completely customised product. Your supplier or manufacturer is crucial to your entire business here which makes the process of picking them a critical stage for your business. In this article, we will show you different approaches on how to find a custom swimwear manufacturer for your company to help you out jumpstart on your business as soon as possible. Make sure that the goals regarding your design are clear before starting to do the research. Clothing factories can usually not help you if you don’t know exactly what you want. Also make sure you’re up to date regarding recent trends, like on this swimwear page from Vogue or Elle.

Find a custom swimwear manufacturer who can cater to your products.

Finding a Custom Swimwear Manufacturer

1. The Internet

What used to be a rudimentary way of finding manufacturers has now become the most convenient and easiest method in order to reach out to thousands of potential manufacturers out there. Geography is not an issue as you are able to connect to manufacturers local and abroad. Most of swimwear manufacturers out there already have their own official websites and you can easily find them by doing a simple search in Google or in Alibaba. Most swimwear is made in Asia where the options to scale and reliability of the supply chains are the best. The polyester materials are also most commonly from here, mainly from China.

Aside from official websites, you can also visit social media channels and look for your potential custom swimwear manufacturer in there. Small and startup manufacturers are not able to afford their own websites which is why most of them pick social media to establish their online existence. Through their social media accounts, you can directly message them for inquiries of their services or contact them via phone or email. Their contact details are always provided in their social media accounts which makes them accessible.

Another option you can go for in the internet is to look for site directories. These site directories contain contact information of numerous suppliers and manufacturers from all around the globe. Site directories are websites who archive contact details of service providers, government agencies and businesses which includes garment manufacturers and suppliers. By using the search function of these site directories, you can easily gain contacts of a handful suppliers and manufacturers out there.

2. Trade Fairs

The conventional way of how to find a custom swimwear manufacturer is by attending trade fairs. Trade fairs are events happening all around the world usually held in major cities wherein brands are able to showcase their latest products. Trade fairs is the perfect place to survey and look for manufacturers and suppliers. You can directly inquire to them and ask of their range of services and rates. In case you do not like a certain candidate, you can simply move to the next booth for another potential custom swimwear manufacturer.

The disadvantage is that you will only find expensive or large manufacturers that don’t support small quantity custom manufacturing when visiting fairs in Western countries. Direct factory contact to medium-sized and specialized swimwear manufacturers in Asia can usually only be accomplished when going there directly. Then you have large travel expenses and the language barrier. An alternative is to check for sourcing companies that can help you more conveniently.

3. Referrals

Sometimes the best way how to find a custom swimwear manufacturer is by asking colleagues in the clothing manufacturing industry. Some clothing lines keep their contacts confidential for their own benefit. However, as long as you display good intentions and keep things professional, you can win their trust and give you the contact details you need from them. In fact, this interaction can pave the way for you both to be in each other’s business circle or have a partnership later on.


How to find a custom swimwear manufacturer is no simple task but by following the methods mentioned above you can achieve good results. Those three are the go to methods of most clothing lines these days regardless of business size. However, always remember you are not simply looking for a supplier or manufacturer but instead finding someone who specializes in the swimwear line. Even if all the terms and conditions of a potential manufacturer goes well for you yet they are inexperienced when it comes to producing swimwear then this clothing factory is still not the right one for you.

There are aspects you need to check out once you find a potential swimwear manufacturer. Do not get enticed by how these potential suppliers and manufacturers market themselves because you must be smart enough to acknowledge no one will speak negatively of themselves when it comes to advertising. Since you are producing specialized clothing products in the form of swimwear, you cannot settle with average professionals in the industry and have to prepare good questions to check their expertise. You need to look for experts who will cater for your business at the right price with the right skills.

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