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How to Find a Custom Underwear Manufacturer

Discover different ways for how to find a custom underwear manufacturer as well as the necessary qualities they need to have before you hire them for your underwear clothing line. Check the supplier and factory selection criteria.


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Small clothing brands and craft clothing designs are becoming popular as more and more people no longer want to settle for what is available online, in department stores and supermarkets from big brands. The demand for clothing products which are tailored to smaller niches and more creative designs are gaining traction, especially for underwear where the available designs are often boring and uncomfortable. As a result, clothing manufacturing companies have adjusted their business setup and are now open for accepting custom orders from their clients and customers. Custom clothing manufacturing is becoming more accessible at the same time to anyone.

One of the most popular clothing items that is customized by clothing startups is underwear. You wear it every day, all year around and there is not much innovation. The most common reason is that most people have a hard time finding their perfect size with default underwear products out there in the market or that the designs are boring. With your own custom underwear designs, you can rest assured that the fit and sizing is perfect as well as the design is suitable to any any taste.

If you happened to be one of those young clothing companies who are looking to manufacture custom underwear, your main concern is how to find a custom underwear manufacturer. You can no longer rely in your suppliers who can provide you white label or private label clothing underwear items since these don’t offer a big variety. In this article, we will discover ways on how to find custom underwear manufacturer and the standards you need to set for them to attain.

Current trends go toward more comfortable underwear, considering more body types, and more sustainable fabric options. Make sure to get familiar with the current developments in the industry.

Find a custom underwear manufacturer who is conscious with the right fit.

Where to Find a Custom Underwear Manufacturer

The easiest method in finding suppliers and manufacturers is through the internet. This is arguably the default solution for finding service providers these days. The best custom underwear manufacturers most likely have websites or social media channels for their online presence. You can simply type in your keywords via Google and your potential custom underwear manufacturer can simply be once click away. You can reach out to them via email or through the contact number provided in their website. In fact, you can also directly message them in one of their social media accounts for faster response.

Another way to find custom underwear manufacturers on the internet is by taking advantage of web directories or site listings. These web directories and site listings contain hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers organized depending on location, specialty, range of services and a lot more. You can get surprised with the number of potential custom underwear manufacturers you can find in these site directories. It is up to you to background check your candidates by visiting their website or doing an inquiry of their services.

In the manufacturing industry, the traditional method in finding suppliers and manufacturers before internet dominance is by visiting trade shows and festivals. These are events where suppliers and manufacturers showcase their latest products and advertise their services. Fellow clothing companies and other brands are most likely present in these events as well. By visiting trade shows and festivals, there is a good chance for you to directly talk to your potential custom underwear manufacturers and inquire upfront.

Find a custom underwear manufacturer with the right manpower.

What to look for in a Custom Underwear Manufacturer?

Obviously, your initial requirement for your custom underwear manufacturer is their capability to manufacture your underwear products. It is a huge plus if the custom underwear manufacturer you are going to hire specializes in underwear clothing manufacturing instead of simply being a general clothing manufacturer. Hiring inexperienced suppliers in the industry can sometimes allow you to save on professional costs but it can be risky in terms of production along with their skills and expertise. It is advisable to hire custom underwear manufacturers with tons of experience and are already reputable in the industry.

Checking for minimum order requirements and services offered is another crucial aspects. Make sure that the custom underwear manufacturer allows you and supports you with lower order minimums. It’s important to test the product design first before producing too much of it. Furthermore, you will need support with your design and technical files for your underwear product. Make sure your clothing factory can assist you with clothing tech packs and can help with the fabric selection.


It is easy to find a manufacturer for your custom underwear project. The more critical part is finding the perfect one for your business needs. By following the tips mentioned above, the entire process can be made easier and there is no need to confuse yourself given there are hundreds of options available out there. Keep in mind all of the potential custom underwear manufacturers you can find will never sell themselves short. They speak highly of themselves to make sure you are right away enticed to hire them. Sticking to your standards and goals are the ultimate keys in finding your perfect custom underwear manufacturer.

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