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How to Find a Custom Women’s Underwear Manufacturer

Learn how to find a custom women's underwear manufacturer and why the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is an ultimate factor in choosing your potential supplier, manufacturer or factory. Learn about the women's underwear manufacturer selection criteria.


Custom women’s underwear is a type of clothing product which needs meticulous attention to detail. The product manufacturer must be equipped with the right set of skills to follow instructions from a tech pack or else things can go awry with just a minor misstep in the specifications. Designing custom women’s underwear also requires critical thinking which adds up to the technicality of producing custom women’s underwear. Innovative designs are the key to success because you have to stand out somehow. Recent trends are better cuts and products that actually fit and are comfortable. If you happened to be one of those who are into custom women’s underwear manufacturing, then this article is just right for you.

When it comes to custom women’s underwear manufacturing, partnering with a professional manufacturer is a must. You may come up with the perfect and innovative custom women’s underwear designs but if you do not have the right manufacturer for them, then the products are still bound to fail in the market. Clothing manufacturing is not as simple as it sounds and coordination is key. This is why being able to find the right manufacturer is crucial to your custom women’s underwear project. Here is a simple guide on how to find custom women’s underwear manufacturer and learn more about the different aspects you should consider for the supplier selection.

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What to look for in a Custom Women’s Underwear Manufacturer?

Your custom women’s underwear manufacturer is someone who incorporates your ideas and work on the production line to turn them into real women’s underwear products. They are also known in the industry as clothing factories and suppliers since materials and components provision for the clothing product is often a part of their task as manufacturers. It is much more convenient to have a manufacturer and supplier rolled into one instead of having to identify companies for both aspects of prosecuting materials and sewing.

The custom women’s underwear manufacturer you are looking for is someone who has experience in producing underwear clothing in the industry. A company who is known to have worked with successful clients and clothing lines as part of their resume. You want to work with a reputable manufacturer and not simply settle with someone who might be new to the industry. It might be too risky to rely on manufacturers and suppliers without any portfolio to back up their service.

The big question you have to ask your potential custom women’s underwear is to know their minimum order quantity (MOQ). Considering you are still starting out your women’s underwear clothing line, it is advisable to start off with minimum orders instead of shooting all your budget on a single bulk order. Instead, start low and improve your product with every batch. The MOQ is a protocol for manufacturers because if an order does not reach the MOQ, it will become a loss on their part and they end up charging more than their usual rates. Make sure that you have clothing manufacturer supporting startups and small orders.

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Where to look for your Custom Women’s Underwear Manufacturer?

The internet is the easiest avenue to look for potential custom women’s underwear manufacturers. Simply by typing these keywords at Google, you can quickly gain access to thousands of potential manufacturers from all around the world. All of these manufacturers have their own websites or social media channels which make it easy for you to contact or reach them. You can even directly email or message them in any messaging platforms and expect a reply in just a few minutes.

Another popular avenue on how to find custom women’s underwear manufacturers is online on pages such as Alibaba, Yellow Pages, Industry Directories etc. Online marketplaces are where online merchants are listed on the internet and they can be handy for referrals. By using the search function of online marketplaces, you are able to find potential underwear manufacturers along with underwear clothing merchants. Also make sure that you ask for sustainable materials and similar options early on. It is up to you to contact or engage with them in order to tell them exactly what you are looking for.

Going for Low Minimum Orders

Now you know how to find custom women’s underwear manufacturer, your next task is to know how to deal and do transactions with them. The MOQ topic is a protocol for manufacturers, they would set it up straight before you sign any contract with them. However, with the right approach and being transparent, you can get to lower the MOQ. The tip in here is to be honest and direct whereas the manufacturer can be supportive of your business once they see your dedication and promising custom underwear designs. Good collaboration and preparation can help a lot.

Asking your custom women’s underwear manufacturer for help in the product development process is not totally new since even big companies do it as well in order to cut off on expenses and be able to save time. As a small business or startup underwear clothing line, it is no big deal for you to ask for favors and lower the MOQ as much as possible. As long as you are honest and transparent with your custom women’s underwear manufacturer, they will easily believe your side as long as they can see the potential in your underwear products. They understand your success will also translate for their company in the long run.

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