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How to Make Custom Baby Clothes

Learn the simplest way for how to make custom baby clothes by applying the standard clothing manufacturing processes. Making baby custom clothing is not really complex when you know the basics.


Most parents are very careful and picky when it comes to buying things for their babies and small kids. For some people, price is not even a factor as long as they are assured the product they are getting is the perfect one for their newborn child. This is also reason why learning how to make custom baby clothes has been a hit as of late. As clothes manufacturing has become an easier and more accessible option for small up to mid-sized businesses, picking the custom baby clothes niche is a smart choice for entrepreneurs out there due to the available market and spending potential of parents. Check out recent trends when getting started!

Buying baby clothes is a special moment for parents. Having clever and individually crafted baby clothes makes it an even more special moment given they are buying clothes which are specifically created as many standard items are not designed well. In this article, we will discuss the step by step process on how to make custom baby clothes including other aspects of custom baby clothes manufacturing overlooked by many small and mid-sized businesses.

Ready made custom baby clothes

Custom Baby Clothes Production Process

We always recommend to follow the design, develop & create method in all clothing manufacturing categories. The same applies to kids and baby clothes production. This method has been proven to work for the vast majority of people and it is not different when it comes to making baby clothes. Follow these three main steps to make a new custom baby clothing product. Special considerations has to be given to certifications for materials since baby clothing has to fulfil higher standards than clothing for adults.

The first step in any clothing manufacturing process has to be design conception. You have to build around a concept on which type of baby clothes you would like to make. There are a tons of baby clothing products you can choose from (or maybe think of a new one?) and it is impossible to cater to them all while still starting on this business venture. Pick a specific product type and build a story around it. This idea will become your starting point for your custom baby clothing business.

The next step is to make the design become alive through illustration. However, it is imperative to take advantage of graphic design skills and come up with a digital design file instead of a traditional drawing. The drawing should only be the first step. It is also important to have at least two different views of the product design such as front, rear or side view. This digital design file is critical to the manufacturing process since it becomes part of the professional tech pack later on.

Once the digital design files are ready, you can now add details and features of your custom baby clothing product and note them along with the virtual drawings and sketches of your potential product. Materials and trims for the custom baby clothing product are also added at this point. All of these preferences are recorded within the tech pack and your clothing manufacturing company will use the tech pack as the basis once they start working on your product sample or in the mass production line.

Samples on how to make custom baby clothes

Speical Aspects: Sizing and Material Safety

Sizing is a very important factor to consider when it comes to baby clothing products. Even if parents don’t care too much about design and features, they usually require the clothing to fit well for some time. Since babies grow quite fast, that can be difficult to incorporate. Parents look forward to wholesome and cleverly sized baby clothing which can be worn for more than a few weeks. It is often overlooked by most apparel manufacturers but it adds up a lot to the overall value of the product.

Another important aspect of making custom clothes for babies are material certifications. Once your custom baby clothing product is out of the production line, you cannot simply distribute it right away to department stores and merchants for it to be sold. The product material has to pass quality standards and be checked by the government protocol for it to qualify as a marketable and safe product in the market. You have to be aware of the legalities involved and make sure your product passes safety measures and quality control to make sure your investment money does not go to waste.


How to make custom baby clothes is not really a complex process but is the best approach to follow the standard clothing manufacturing process. It still follows the standard procedures of tech pack, sample and mass production. The only difference is the approach and focus towards the product safety, since there are often special requirements. Custom baby clothes need to display a wholesome and cute aesthetics but at the same time be true to its functionality and purpose as a product. Sanitary and safety measures are also major considerations given your user is a fragile and innocent individual. Also make sure that your custom baby clothes last. While only worn shortly by each child, they are often passed on to siblings or friends.

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