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How to Make Custom Bras

Learn the step by step process on how to make custom bras and know the proper approach when dealing with professional bra manufacturers. The latter is a very important step in the world of manufacturing.


Bras have default styles and sizes but it is rare for some women to find the perfect comfort and fit from bras available in shopping stores or malls, which makes making custom bras a popular option for women out there to explore. Creating custom clothes and starting your own product line is a big thing in garment manufacturing. This goes all the way “down” to underwear clothing which makes a custom bra nothing new. In fact, custom underwear manufacturing is one of the hottest business ideas out there today. Becoming a wholesale clothing supplier is a great way for startups.

The bra is an undergarment designed to cover and support women’s breasts. It’s role and influence in improving women’s lives is commonly underestimated. There are different styles available for bras such as sport bras, brassiere, pushup bras etc. If you need to know how to make custom bras then make sure you identify which type of bra you are going to focus on. When designing custom bras, make sure you come up with something unique and different, because if it is basically the same as the ones available in shopping malls and supermarkets then the goal to create a new and unique bra will fail and it will be harder to sell it.

production process for custom bras

Production Process for Custom Bras

Once you are decided on which type of bra you want like to work on, you can now conceptualize a design for your product. Always consider the 3 main parts of a bra when designing a custom bra in order to achieve its full function or purpose. The 3 main parts of the bra are the cup, cradle and the wing. Each part work altogether to achieve the function of the bra. This is important to note of because it will also serve as a guide for the fabrics you use for your custom bra.

How to make custom bra involves sewing for the most part. Sewing bras is a straightforward work but requires strict planning and critical thinking. A single misstep can already spell disaster for your bra project. Your approach towards sewing bras can also be based upon the fabric you are using. If you choose to use fabrics such as silk or satin, take note of the elasticity of this type of fabric to make sure they are sewn perfectly according to fit on top of the user’s skin. Make sure that you double check and determine the sizing of the bras carefully.

how to make custom bras

Working with Bra Manufacturers

If you aren’t knowledgeable or skilled enough to sew fabrics, you can choose to hire a clothing manufacturer to work on your custom bra project. Simply come up with the design and sketch it on the computer as a concept design file. Add your specifications and details on this pre-production file and it can be turned into a tech pack which manufacturers will use as basis for production. Specialized manufacturers are already well-versed and experts when it comes to underwear clothing manufacturing and you can trust them to arrange production with the technicalities.

It is important to discuss your custom bra design with the underwear manufacturing company beforehand. Feel free to accept inputs and advice from the experts so you can apply them to your tech pack. They can also assist with the fabric selection since they are more knowledgeable when it comes to variation of bra fabrics. Instead of settling with the most common available materials, their knowledge and expertise can provide you a wide selection of choices you can choose form.

Once your tech pack is ready with all your details and specifications, your custom bra project is now ready for its initial sampling. After you hand your tech pack to your clothing factory, you can expect a few a few weeks for your first sample to be ready. Obviously, the lead time in creating the sample depends on how simple or complex your custom bra design is. Also, you need to contact your manufacturer during sampling process to make sure they are on the right track and avoid setbacks during sampling.

When the first custom bra sample is ready, you now have the first experience on how your product looks and feels like. See for yourself whether the sample satisfies the details and specifications you noted on the tech pack. If you feel dissatisfied of some aspects of the bra product sample, then you are bound to make some changes, update the tech pack and repeat the sampling process until desired results are achieved. Otherwise, if everything is perfect then you are now good to go for mass production.


How to make custom bras simply follows the traditional method of creating manufactured clothes. The only difference is the complexities involved in terms of sewing and designing the product. The objective of the product mainly focuses on its fit and comfort while aspects such as aesthetics often come in as a later afterthought. (Read here more about why a good fit is so important and why Victoria’s Secret has problem.) All of these factors combined are required for successfully making a custom bra. Good luck in your custom underwear venture!

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