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How to Redefine Fashion with Fitness Clothing

Activewear or fitness clothing has forever changed fashion as of late as more and more people use this type of clothes not only for sports and athletics but also for casual wear.


fashion design template and cut sheets as basis for clothing manufacturing - fitness clothing

For many years, we have always thought about fashion as having to put on a lot of clothes and layering. Fashion and discomfort have always been together. However, in this age fashion has a new meaning. Fashion brands and designers are constantly trying to incorporate comfort in fashion.

The most important turn was the introduction of casual wear. People always wanted something to be able to feel relaxed without looking like a mess. They are now adopting casual wear massively. Activewear has come a long way in only two years. It is all you need for the perfect fashion and fitness wear. It has become the latest trend from ramps to streets now and you can read more about the growing trend in here.. 

With a drastic shift of lifestyles among people, they are now drifting towards things that are good for their wellness and health. Activewear or fitness clothing is the perfect choice for anyone who wants something to help them change their routines and lifestyles and has the perfect style and comfort.

fitness clothing

What is Activewear?

Activewear is a blend of two separate clothing trends. It is a mixture of casual wear and fitness clothing. Activewear is comfortable and stylish which can be used for sports and exercise. It was not just made for athletes and people in sports to wear something comfy but it has more to it than that as explained in this great read

It was created to wear during physical activities and with that, it offers a perfect amount of style. You can wear it in the gym while you exercise and can also carry it in other scenarios where there are no physical activities involved. You can wear it for just a walk around the city or during your lunch dates with friends or for just relaxing in the lounge.

Redefining Fashion with Activewear

Activewear is truly the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. With the change of lifestyles, activewear has changed and redefined the essence of the fashion industry in true sense. The market for activewear or athleisure wear is growing globally now. If we estimate the global market of activewear has chances of reaching more than $550 billion in the next 4 years.

Apparel manufacturers have also introduced their versions of activewear. Some brands are actively working on this line only because of the future benefits it can have.

Millennial Trend

Activewear and athleisure are becoming a global lifestyle. This trend is mostly driven by millennials in this era. As this trend is being embraced by the celebrities and influencers now, many of the youth population is rapidly adopting it. Also, the expenditure of money on buying different kinds of apparel has significantly increased from the past. Many people are spending a great amount of money on a hat they wear. 

The reason why millennials are the driving force behind the success and trend of activewear is very simple. The generation now wants functional clothes that are stylish and are also comfortable. These lifestyle changes have influenced them to use fitness clothing in their daily life.

Millennials or the new generation is more concerned about wellness than anyone was ever before. Wellness and health are an integral part of our society and lifestyle now. Everything is slowly and steadily becoming health-oriented. Activewear is the best way to adopt this new lifestyle that is all about wellness.

Major Markets

Activewear is not just a trend in the west. It is being recognized globally. Not for the comfy casual wear but for its association with wellness. It is not bound to sports and physical activities only, but people are wearing activewear outside and even to their workplace.

According to research, Asia is all set to become the biggest market for activewear in the coming years. North America and Europe are the major contributors to the athleisure market. The reason for the constant growth of active sportswear is that it is multipurpose. You can wear them to play sports and also for your work. 

The major influence of active lifestyles has been seen in the US and China. They both are very keen on health and fitness. The US is the top importer of activewear, while China is the number one exporter of active apparel. Interest in sports, wellness, and fitness and a large population consisting of millennials are the main factors that contribute to its growth in certain areas.

Fitness Clothing Fashion Trends

This is the age of comfortable and fast fashion. Activewear sits the best here. You can now see different designers and brands collaborating and introducing chic designs and styles for activewear. The reason behind this is only the large amounts of revenue generation associated with athleisure. 

Functional wear has now become a lot more fashion associated than it was before. That is because of the influence of the fashion industry. The fusion of these two has been all things good and is massively liked by the people.

High-waisted leggings are trendy, and pairing it with a sports bra is now a common thing in activewear. Models are rocking denim jackets over sports bra on the ramps. This has influenced a lot of people, and it can now be seen on the streets and coffee shops. Also, gym wear with your boyfriend’s hoodie is the best combo ever.

Think to Improve Performance

With all of the fashion and innovations, athleisure is not only about that. It is about the performance and functionality it gives to its customers. The original thought was to produce a more comfortable and chic form of gym or sportswear without compromising on the quality. 

Sportswear manufacturers are constantly improving the quality and performance of their activewear to stand out. All these manufacturers work hard on how to make custom sportswear and come up with stylish apparel to wear that is meant to be comfortable, maintain body temperature, helps improve recovery period, absorbs moisture, and increases blood circulation.

Bottom Line

These are all the facts and things by which the activewear industry and market are redefining the fashion industry. With people changing lifestyles, the fashion industry is highly influenced by activewear. and more activewear manufacturers recognize these facts.

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