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Importance of Sourcing and Procurement in an Integrated Supply Chain

Here is a recap on how we conduct sourcing and procurement services for our clients and why it is critical during the sampling stage. Sample procurement is an integral part of manufacturing and must not be overlooked.


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Following the supplier assessment, we will be tooled with knowledge of supplier/s we have chosen to work with, we must find out the quality these suppliers can offer and not just stick to the supplier evaluation. This phase is the sourcing and procurement plan. However, there are different kinds of samples these suppliers can give. What exactly do we need and how do we assess the product samples given to us during this phase? We first need to differentiate the different product samples suppliers give.

Types of Product Samples

  1. Factory Sample

It is a ready-made product from the supplier produced without the specifications of the new client. The factory sample is a clear evidence of the supplier’s capabilities. In our experience, suppliers often give out their most popular product as factory sample to play it safe.

  1. Pre-Production Sample

It is a product sample produced based on the client’s specifications. Clients rarely get satisfied with the first pre-product sample presented to them and revisions are unavoidable. This situation is when the supplier assessment process becomes instrumental, because if you were able to gather multiple potential suppliers, then you should have multiple pre-production samples to quicken the process. As a result, work is more efficient compared to having a single supplier.

  1. Batch Sample

This is a sample collected from a batch of manufactured goods for product testing purposes, quality check and functionality tests. It is ideal for a third party to collect the batch sample to make sure the supplier does not interfere in the selection process.

Most of the time, our company focuses on creating pre-production samples. We draft a document called Sample Order Terms as a part of our effective sourcing and procurement strategy to make sure the client’s needs and supplier’s capabilities are immediately met which saves time and avoid revisions.

Sample Order Terms Information:

  1. Photo/illustration of the design
  2. Dimensions
  3. Preferred color
  4. Price/budget
  5. Product category/industry
  6. Order quantity

Other product specifications exist which we may need but the ones mentioned above are by default the specs we ask from clients and our suppliers require. Creating the Sample Order Terms document as basis for both supplier/s and client will not only save time but will also help us all reduce on expenses from sample revisions.

Why Avail of Sample Procurement Services

Nothing allows you to judge a supplier’s skill like a product sample. Our sample procurement management plan identifies companies with the designs and quality that matches your product requirements. Intrepid Sourcing has adopted a quantitative sample procurement strategy that makes sure you only deal with the best quality suppliers, which distinguishes us from other procurement outsourcing companies.

You can rely on us that all relevant suppliers are considered, no potential products are missed, and that you have the best sourcing and procurement strategy. You will avoid suppliers and procurement outsourcing companies that over promise and under deliver. We as your sample procurement specialist will provide the best sample procurement services. Sample procurement services are a pivotal part of the following manufacturing process.

  • Ease the Product Research: Sourcing and procurement outsourcing can be tough. Our procurement services are handled by procurement specialists who ease the product search. Intrepid Sourcing Services has a flexible sample procurement plan for you.
  • Understand Your Product: A sound sample procurement strategy can teach you about your product. Our services point out the critical product characteristics you need. We develop your procurement plan so you understand the new product development process. This allows you to make an informed purchase.
  • Ensure Trustworthiness: Intrepid Sourcing protects you from fraudulent suppliers through our three-tiered procurement plan. A procurement specialist customizes your buying strategy, so you avoid unnecessary risk dealing with bad procurement outsourcing companies. In the end, you receive the samples you expect.

sourcing and procurement in supply chain

Having a Sample Procurement Strategy 

Why it Matters

The entire reason behind the sample procurement process is pretty simple; it allows you know if you are receiving a quality product. Getting your hands on a product sample lets you check the manufacturer’s ability to produce your item. But with so many suppliers and product specifications, how can you tell the true quality? A sample sourcing and procurement strategy that goes deeper into how the factory manufactures the sample is the solution. We are your procurement specialist and manufacturing consultant.

In the end, the sample procurement strategy will depend on the type of sample you want. Most factories provide one of three samples types: factory samples, white label samples and custom prototypes. Factory samples are often the cheapest while customized prototypes are the most expensive. Each sample type must be considered within your greater procurement plan as all good procurement outsourcing companies should.

You can also check out these lessons and industry report on procurement and sourcing brought upon by the pandemic.

Want to Combine Services?

Optimizing your costing structure is a smart business decision, but only when a proper approach is taken to your sample procurement outsourcing and management plan. We help across every aspect of the product outsourcing process, ensuring that you have access to one of the best sample procurement system and procurement outsourcing companies that can handle what you require.

Each project requires customized attention. You can choose standard packages or go for a personal-driven solution. Make the best combination for your success and we will deliver it to you with great care!

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