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Living the Active Lifestyle: Best Sports Wear for Men

Get to know how to choose the best sports wear for men through the factors you need to consider in choosing them. Also, discover the top brands out there when it comes to men's athleisure products.


sports wear for men

We are here to describe the importance of choosing the best and most comfortable sports wear for men. We all know this is compulsory these days as more people are focusing on their bodies to stay fit. They participate in sports and sign up gym memberships to achieve what they want.

There are so many sports clothing manufacturers in the market which are offering good quality of sportswear, different kinds of sportswear or gym wear. But people are so conscious about choosing the best sportswear or gym wear which suits their bodies and also makes them feel comfortable.

Here are the qualities people look for in men’s sportswear:

  • Sportswear and gym clothing must be flexible and comfortable.
  • It must be suitable for your body.
  • There are different types of sportswear depending on the season (summer or winter).
  • People are also looking for sportswear and gym clothing which must be according to trend or which is in fashion.

The qualities mentioned above are what people consider or keep in mind when choosing or buying sportswear or gym clothing.

When choosing sportswear according to fabric choice;

Cotton fabric is widely used instead of any other fabric because the cloth will not stick to your body and the cotton fabric even after sweating and this type of fabric dries fast compared to any other fabric.

Choose fabrics that are composed of 100% polyester and don’t pick sportswear that is made of synthetic-based fabrics.

A mixture of polypropylene fabric which is light in weight can be a great choice since it is very soft and comfortable. 

Supplex or Coolmax is not ripped or worn out easily. It avoids wetting your outfit.

When choosing sportswear or gym clothing based on flexibility and comfort;


T-shirts are used to feel more comfortable and relaxed while doing exercise or working out. If the T-shirt is flexible it will be easy to carry and it feels that their muscles are working properly according to the workout or exercise they are doing. We do not prefer a 100% cotton T-shirt. Don’t use any T-shirt which is not comfortable and does not fit you right. Also, choose colors in T-shirts which suits your style.


The type of sweatshirt which has pockets and gives you the baggy style is also preferred for workouts and exercise. Outfits for workouts must be comfortable and you must feel free while doing your routine. Apparel seems to be the one that helps you feel free and comfortable. Hoodies are known to be popular during the cold season but it is ideal sportswear all year round to make you easily sweat. Pair it with sweatpants and you already have a casual active lifestyle look.

Shorts or Baggy Pants

Baggy pants are full-length loose pants while shorts are half-length which can be either above the knees or slightly below the knees. Both types of garments feel comfortable and casual. Shorts are used to avoid the sweat but it is also used in different ways like for outdoors or for casual wear.


It is advisable to wear rubber shoes while working out or doing strenuous exercises. If you choose the right pair of shoes which makes you feel very comfortable then it will help you feel free during the entire workout session. Wearing rubber shoes also helps prevent injuries and protects your feet at all times.

sports wear for men fabrics

Best Sports Wear for Men: Top Brands

Now we are going to discuss sportswear manufacturers which are delivering or offering the best athletic outfits or apparel for men. There are several brands for sports wear for men. Here are some of them along with what they can offer;


Oliver clothing factory mostly uses very comfortable merino wool. This type of wool is very soft which makes the brand unique. Their most popular clothing product is their shorts. The merino pair of shorts do not only feel comfortable but also looks cool and dry. It also fits very well. 

Oliver also gives the guarantee of your clothes for at least 12 months or 1 year. If there is any damage to Oliver’s products upon purchasing, the company will repair it or exchange it for you.

Vuori’s Clothing:

Their beach-inspired clothing is comfortable and lightweight fit. Their “Trail shorts” are their best-sellers. Trail shorts have an elastic waistband, supportive Coolmax anti-odor liner, and an athletic fit. Front pockets and a back zip pocket are regular trims. Also, Vuoro’s shirts are quick dry and wick moisture which makes it perfect for running or hot yoga sessions.


This sportswear clothing line produces high quality running clothes which include many varieties from shirts, caps to weather-resistant tops. The most popular 2-in-1 Traverse shorts have four pockets and are quick-drying which is very good for a race day.

MPG Sport:

MPG Sport is a clothing brand that understands your outfit must not be expensive and you can get the most out of least expensive clothes. Their Defender Performance Cashmere Shirt looks very luxurious without a luxurious price tag.


This clothing line is well-known for men’s workout gear. This is due to their Gold Fusion technology which helps the fabric dry up three times faster than regular fabric. It’s UV protective control odor adds up to the comfort and great fit. You can also check out this lesser known sports wear brands you need to know.


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