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Overview of Production Services in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

This article provides an overview of our production services which shows why our clients get to enjoy top quality service at the least expense. We break down services into three categories: Production Analytics, Production Planning, and Post-Production.


manufacturing solutions -sourcing and procurement

Intrepid Sourcing is an all in one manufacturing solutions firm providing sourcing, white labeling, and custom design (OEM) solutions. We provide production services that explicitly breakup your project into different stages: production analytics, production planning and post-production.

Our overall target is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with cost reduction services they need to compete with larger competitors. We are here to help regardless of whether you require classical manufacturing outsourcing services, brand related white label services or fully customized OEM services.

Production Services That Fit Your Needs

What manufacturing outsourcing services we do?

Our services explicitly cover your manufacturing project from the initial idea to its realization. In other words, they are arranged so each service is connected to the other. We have three main production categories for the different stages of your project: production analytics, production planning and post-production. First, production analytics includes services such as feasibility study, demand forecasting, product costing and production line assessment. Second, production planning refers to services such as prototyping, sample procurement, supplier assessment and lead time assessment. Third, post-production encloses services such as packaging, quality control, intermediary services, and logistics.

  • Production Analytics
  • Production Planning
  • Post-Production

production services

Professional Production Services

Why manufacturing outsourcing services matter?

Running a business requires absolute attention to operations. Managing the outsourcing and logistics part of your company are crucial for success. Intrepid Sourcing provides you with valuable manufacturing services to develop and implement your procurement strategy for any manufacturing project. This helps you to safe time and resources to focus more on aspects besides of the supply chain. We make sure that your company receives the right outsourcing manufacturing services for your outsourcing needs.

Most of our cost reduction services are applicable to every kind production project. Logistic services, due diligence and demand forecasting for instance are intuitively always relevant. However, some of our services are tailored for certain kinds of projects. A feasibility study is a crucial aspect for accessing the profitability and technical options for producing customized goods. As a part of classical manufacturing outsourcing services, this step is evident since the final specification and product costing is known from the beginning. In contrast, it is an essential part of every production project related to white label services and OEM services.

You can check out this excellent read regarding good manufacturing practices.

Want to Combine Production Services?

We can gladly assist you finding the cost reduction services you need. Intrepid Sourcing helps with classical outsourcing manufacturing services, brand related white label services or fully customized OEM services. Alternatively, we have compiled popular solution packages that bundle our services. For example, our quality assurance services consist of production line assessment, due diligence, supplier assessment, intermediary services and quality control. Taken together, it constitutes our quality assurance services package that considers every aspect to make sure the product quality is great. Another example is our sourcing and branding package with all white label services.

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