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The Best Undergarments for Dresses

This article provides a list of the best undergarment for dresses. Each type of clothing undergarment available is best described and how it fits for the dress type you are going to wear.


best undergarment for dress

Ever wondered how do people carry all those difficult dresses effortlessly without looking messy? Now here’s the answer for you: it all depends on choosing the best undergarment for dresses.

If you are one of the women who consciously decide what to wear underneath a dress when they have to dress up for a party or a wedding then this is the article for you.

You would probably have a lot of comfortable underwear and bras in your closet. However, you do need different shapewear to wear under your favorite dresses. It gives you that smooth and perfect looking shape and silhouette when you wear your dress. With that said, choosing the right undergarment for dress is also really important.

best undergarment for dresses

Best Undergarments for All Dresses

People usually imagine wearing shapewear to be very uncomfortable and too tugging and squeezing. But nowadays, they are made in the perfect shape and materials that are airy and will hug you in all your right places. Making you feel a lot more confident in what you wear instead of being too cautious about it.

Different styles of dresses demand different undergarments or shapewear. Shapewear for a formal dress would be different than what you wear under a flowy and summery dress. Here I have explained all the types of shapewear for you, helping you to choose the best undergarment for your dress.

Best Full Body Shapewear

These are the best choice to wear under maxi dresses. They are going to provide you with the perfect look from head to toe. The full-body shapewear covers every part of your body tugging in your body for a perfect silhouette. The best full-body shapewear according to product design firms is;

  • Spanx suit your fancy stretch bodysuit

Best Bodysuits in Shapewear

This is the best thing to wear when you want your body shape to be enhanced. It gives you the perfect ratio of your waist to your hips without just flattening everything. I meant this when I said all the recommendations will hug you in all the right places. Some bodysuits also cover your thigh area that will allow a smooth look of your legs. The best one’s with a plunging neckline or open bust are:

  • Spanx suit your fancy plunge bodysuit
  • Spanx open bust bodysuit
  • Maidenform open bust bodysuit 
  • Skims sculpting bodysuit

These are best for halter necks and strapless dresses. The best ones in the strapless bodysuit category are;

  • Fashion forms U-plunge self-adhesive backless thong bodysuit 
  • Maidenform Fleexes Strapless Bodysuit

Best Shorts in Shapewear

These are best for enhancing the posture of your body and in firming your back. These cover mid-thighs as well as your stomach. All the loose areas would be snugged in. Some shorts also have padded pockets on the back so that your booty or the hip area looks fuller. These would be nice for flowy silhouettes that don’t require a lot of shaping. These shorts would be really good for A-line dresses and they will make them look even more flattering. The best shapewear shorts are;

  • Spanx oncore mid-thigh shorts
  • Spanx Power conceal her mid-thigh shorts
  • Spanx Thinstincts 2.0 High-Waisted Short
  • Skims high-waisted bonded shorts

Best Slip for Formal Dresses

If you are looking for the best undergarment for dress in formal functions, I would recommend you to buy slip shapewear. I’ll look amazing under your sheer or semi-sheer formal dresses. It covers the bust area, back, butt, and your legs giving the appearance of a sleek body. The best slips are;

  • Yummie 3-in-1 Shaping Slip
  • Skims sheer cut slip
  • COMMANDO Two-Faced Tech Control stretch slip

Best Shaping Bras

If you are wearing any bodycon dress, your bra underneath can make or break the look. It should shape your bust in an enhanced way while giving you the comfort you want. Some bras can be too tight for your bust and some can make them look saggy. If you don’t wanna wear a full body suit and just need a little support on your back, you can go for shaping bras. These will smooth out your back without any lines appearing from your dress. You’ll not feel trapped because of the stretchy fabric.

  • Bali Comfort revolution wire-free bra
  • Nordstorm Lingerie convertible plunge bra
  • Spanx Bra-Llelujah! Full-Coverage Bra
  • Skims cotton underwire bra

Best Shapewear Tanks

Tanks specially designed for wearing underneath dresses can be in a variety of styles. A tank top holds and firms your body without making you feel that you are wearing any shapewear. It makes everything glide over it pretty smoothly. Giving you the perfect shape to fit into your dresses much like what Kate Middleton wears in this article. Some tops are available in full sleeves that conforms and reshape your arms. Best for full-sleeve dresses which are hugging from the arm area. Some recommendations from custom underwear manufacturers are;

  • Spanx Arm Tights
  • Ruby Ribbon Lace Full Support Cami
  • Spanx In & Out cami

Best Underwear for Shapewear

If you are looking for a perfect pair that smoothens out your waist and stomach without even showing any panty lines, you have to have shapewear underwear in your collection. If you don’t want coverage in other areas of your body you can just go for stretchy shapewear underwear. It’ll look like you have nothing visible under your dress.

  • Commando control-top thong
  • Yummie seamlessly shaped Ultralight thong
  • TC fine intimates high waisted briefs
  • Maidenform Shapewear Firm Control High-Waist Brief

Best Leggings and Tights for Full-Length Dresses

For your full length or maxi dresses, these are the staples to wear along with a seamless bra or tank. Shapewear tights and leggings control your stomach, enhances and conforms to your body, and give an appearance of Slimer legs by snugging your legs. Some recommendations from underwear manufacturing companies are;

  • Skims solution wear tights
  • Everlane the perform legging
  • Hanes Girl-Short Tummy-Control Pantyhose
  • DKNY Light Opaque Control Top Tights

Bottom Line

These are all types of shapewear available for different kinds of dresses. I’ve recommended some of the best ones for each type to help you choose the perfect one for you. I hope it helps you narrow down your research on the best undergarment for dress and decide fast before your options for undergarments run out

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