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The World’s First Soft Drink Ever


It is safe to assume the world’s first ever soft drink, Dr. Pepper, was invented by a doctor hence its name. The real story behind the history of this successful product is not far from such an assumption. Charles Alderton, a pharmacist who worked in a drug store in Waco, Texas is credited as the inventor of Dr. Pepper, the soft drink. He loved to create concoctions out of fruit syrups during his free time and was all set to create a drink which tasted like the smell of his favorite fruit syrups. Alderton created samples and offered it to his mates in the pharmacy. His boss, Wade Morrison, loved the drink and named it after his friend, Dr. Charles Pepper.

Mr. Morrison provided a business model for Charles Alderton and they mass produced the drink then sold it locally. Soon thereafter, the demand grew and both Morrison and Alderton had to resort to selling the drink in syrup form so consumers will simply have to add carbonated water themselves. Their partnership was considered the first soda manufacturing company in the entire world.

Getting to the Bigger Market

Alderton eventually grew tired of creating the mixtures. Despite the success of the product and its growing demand, Alderton sold his share of the business to Wade Morrison. Mr. Morrison now partnered with Robert Lazenby who was an owner of a ginger ale company. Equipped with the right resources and manufacturing technology, they introduced the product to the public launching it at the 1904 World Fair Expo in St. Louis, Mississippi.

Dr. Pepper can now be considered as a staple American product. Even with bigger names such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola dominating the soft drink market, Dr. Pepper continuous to thrive as the first ever soft drink introduced to the world.

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