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Top Plastic Manufacturing Companies around the Globe

Get to know the top plastic manufacturing companies around the world and how they impact this tightly competitive industry. Discover their core strengths and most popular products which set them apart from competitors.


top plastic manufacturing companies

The world is rapidly shifting to plastic products. The folks are getting comfortable with easy to handle and reusable plastic items. By understanding that plastic is an integral part of our daily life, the custom plastic manufacturing companies are investing heavily in this business and thus, creating a giant revenue through quality and innovative products. These commodities not only meet standard quality, but they are also reliable, reusable, less costly, durable, and environmentally friendly.

According to one estimate of Fortune Business Insights, the market size of the plastic industry will touch USD 647.48 Billion by 2026. Further, the production of recyclable products will get optimum growth. China along with many other businesses is the leading exporter of plastic goods. Along with China, America and Germany, they are also considered as the manufacturing hub of plastic products. These countries are reaping the highest revenues for their high investments.

While discussing the top plastic manufacturing companies, it is a fact, the actual production is managed by small plastic manufacturers. These small companies produce at their highest capacity. Asian countries make a high proportion of revenue along with different European countries. Many Asian companies such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the likes are competing efficiently in this competitive market.

Some of the companies that control the plastic industry globally are;

Quality control procedure of top plastic manufacturing companies.

LG Chemical

LG Chemical or LG Chem is a Korean company with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. It has eight operational areas in Korea and twenty-nine business setups in fifteen countries. In 2017 report, this company was ranked among the top ten plastic manufacturers around the globe. The company was founded in 2005, and according to one estimate; the company generates USD 41.7 billion. The company assets value is estimated at USD 2.8 Billion. The areas of specialization of this company are raw materials, chemicals, IT and electronic products, and energy solutions.


Plastikon was founded in 1982 and fall among the world-leading plastic manufacturing companies. The company is known for its unmatched services as it delivers to the most well-reputed companies. The major role of their success is their dedicated employees, innovative ideas, and commitment. Due to this, they exceed their customer satisfaction level. Playing the role of a responsible firm, they keep on providing the high quality of plastic products and remain socially responsible. The company is operating from North America to Asia mainly, China. The main aim is to provide convenient and cost-effective services. Major products the company deal with are medical, electronic, and automotive products.

Ihne & Tesch GmbH

The company specializes in the manufacturing of electrical heating engineering solutions and construction sector, thus stands as the largest plastic producing company. The company is well designed in providing aluminium elements used in construction, heating elements for energy conservation. Their best service is the customer service that distinguishes it from the competitors. The company keeps control over safety and handling queries.

Ihne & tesch products are used in injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, hot runner, packaging, chemical, dairy, die-cast and many other industrial applications. You can also check out these other business opportunities in which plastic businesses are fond of these days.

Matsui Technologies India Ltd

The company falls under the category of the top ten largest plastic manufacturing companies around the globe. Being an Asian company, it captures the vast majority of sales that markups the high revenue. It produces supporting equipment used in plastic processing. The majority of parts the company creates are for blow moulding machines, injection moulding machines, extrusions, and stretch blow moulding machines.

The products range from mould temperature controller, dehumidifying dryer, low-speed granulators, hot air dryers to blenders.

Further classification of products is:

  1. Centralized Conveying System
  2. Dehumidifying Dryer
  3.  Hopper Dryer/Hot Air Dryer.
  4.  Chillers (Air Cooled & Water Cooled).
  5.  Mould Temperature Controller.
  6.  Vacuum Loader.


This is a German-based company and a chemical producer founded in 1865. The company’s joint ventures and subsidiaries surround more than 80 countries. The expansion of the company can be assessed from its production sites that are in Asia, Europe, Australia, America, and Africa. In 2020, BASF is the sixth-largest plastic manufacturing firm in the world covering the revenue of USD 63.8 billion in 2019.

The company sets a great example in the field of plastic that can also shape the future. With the immense expertise in this field, the company’s plastics upsurge energy efficiency and save plastic resources. The company is a master in automotive, footwear, electronics and electrics, and construction. The company also caters blow moulding, colouration, additives for styrenics and the like.


Saudi plastic manufacturing company or SABIC is the second-largest company in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The company was founded back in 1976 and in 2013 was considered as the fourth largest chemical producer of the globe. The company manufactures thermoplastic resin, polythenes of diverse types, polystyrene, and many more. This company broke the revenue of USD 39.8 billion in 2017 and now leading as one of the largest plastic manufacturers of 2020. Other than plastics, the company also diversifies its business in fertilizers, metals, and chemicals of different kinds.

The services all companies provide are of great importance. Either the companies on the top, large or small, OEM or ODM, they still make their contributions towards meeting the public needs and demands. Through the little efforts of their business, bringing easiness and comfort in the lives of their customers is their foremost priority. These firms also distinguish themselves from providing quality services and products at low prices. They are also making efforts to be socially responsible. In this manner, they are putting their contribution towards improving the economy of their countries.

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