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What are the Most Common Plastic Molding Services?

Get to know a variety of plastic molding services you can take advantage of for your plastic manufacturing company and not be limited to traditional methods for creating your plastic products.


There are various plastic molding services available to make sure companies in the plastic industry come up with an efficient way to produce their plastic parts and products. Plastic molding alone is responsible for millions of plastic parts all around the world and once the basic method is paired with a slew of other plastic molding services then the results are of better product quality and can yield quick turnaround times. Let us discuss a variety of plastic molding services commonly used by plastic companies out there.

A regular plastic manufacturing company can provide an extensive range of plastic molding services to its customers. It is quite rare for a plastic manufacturer to come with a single type of plastic molding service since that is too incompetent and is bad for a plastic business. Clients need options and these different varieties of plastic molding services come in handy so they can fully customize their production according to the needs of their product and their expected results.

Preview of plastic molding services.

Popular Plastic Molding Services

Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding service is the most popular method to produce plastics. This method is responsible for at least 80% of plastic products you see out there in the market today. Plastic manufacturers love injection molding because it is cost-effective and leaves with less scraps. By creating multiple molds, a company can right away produce hundreds or even thousands of the same plastic parts with consistent repeatability and fast turnaround times.

Injection molding is done with the help of custom-made molds with cavities forming the desired shape of the plastic part. Sometimes it takes a combination of several molds in order to form a single product. Molten plastic material is then injected into the cavities and is held under hydraulic pressure. The plastic is allowed to cool and be ejected from the mold as it now takes the shape of the plastic part. This process is usually done with several molds to produce multiple parts in a single injection molding session.


Overmolding is another highly specialized plastic molding service wherein it involves two sub-processes to complete. The first involves a base layer which is molded first and followed by other layers of plastic molded over the base part. This variety of plastic molding service is perfect for custom plastics which is made of the same plastic material but requires other features on its surface. A good example is a plastic brush with a specially-designed grip for its handle.

Medical Molding

Medical molding is a type of plastic molding service which focuses on the production of medical devices and other prototypes used in laboratory testing. It is cost-efficient and perfect for high quantity production. Medical-grade plastic is commonly used in stents, implants, and other medical components and assemblies. Authorities are strict with medical molding wherein they always make sure medical-grade plastic pass quality standards and requirements. Here is one great example of medical molding‘s contribution to the world.


Micromolding is a highly specialized plastic molding service used to produce minute plastic parts with intricacies and details deemed impossible to produce through traditional plastic manufacturing methods. Plastic manufacturers who are into micromolding are equipped with right technology and devices which allow them to work on plastic features despite having limited or tight space. Common plastic parts produced via micromolding are surgical devices, electronic parts, automotive parts etc.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is comparable to overmolding since it also molds plastic parts around the other. However, non-plastic parts are involved this time around and these are “inserted” into the plastic product as a part of its feature. Regular products which are produced out of insert molding are kitchen knives, electrical motors and other electronic devices. Insert molding is perfect to stabilize a plastic product along with its non-plastic parts.

Sonic Welding

Sonic welding or professionally called ultrasonic bonding is an advanced plastic molding service which allows to fuse multiple plastic parts through ultra-high frequency acoustic vibrations. Sonic welding is limited to big plastic companies who are equipped with the right technology and devices to complete the task. It is rare for small up to mid-sized plastic manufacturing companies to provide this type of service to its clients.


The plastic industry has evolved greatly through the years and thanks to modern advanced technology there are now new and innovative ways on how to create plastics plus the conscious effort towards plastic waste management. We are no longer limited to plastic injection molding which is considered to be the traditional method since plastic manufacturers are now knowledgeable of other advanced methods as well. Specific products require a specific variety of plastic molding service to be made effectively and in an efficient manner.

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