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China News in English should be followed to follow up on manufacturing

References for Chinese Media: An Overview

The following list of China News in English will serve as a good orientation point to find the most important direct sources both with respect to Chinese newspapers and Western newspapers with China outlets. Refer to our link list of Chinese Newspapers, News Websites as well Chinese Media and Blogs.

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Business Quotes about China teach you about the country's economy

Trade & Business Quotes about China

This collection of Business Quotes About China and more from political or economical leaders on trade and business in China will help you to comprehend the country. They are categorized in business, economics, history and politics. Quotes help understanding China’s political system as well as its culture and economy.

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Trade Partners of China are insightful for the number one trade power

Trade Partners: Figures about China’s Commercial Relationships

China’s Main Trading Partners Relations have become much more important for both sides. Due to the focus on manufacturing and export, the most important Trade Partners of China are Western countries and industrialized countries in Asia. It is expected that other Asian countries become more important in the future.

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China Trade History is important to understand current affairs

Trade History of China: A Brief Overview

From a trade historical point of view, China’s economic significance is getting back to where it was for centuries. At the beginning of the 19th century, China Trade History shows that it was even more advanced than Western Europe. The economic reforms starting in the 1970s allowed the country to gain old strength.

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Special Economic Zones in China play an important role for doing business

Special Economic Zones in China (SEZs): Characteristics & Benefits

Special Economic Zones China (SEZs) are places of concentrated economic growth. They are started to incentivize development in strategic industries. Particularly at the beginning, export oriented industries were in the focus of China SEZ. Learn about tax incentives, regulatory simplifications and policy of those zones.

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