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How to Deal with Legal Issues when Investing in China

Trafficking Goods: Customs Restrictions in China

Customs in China are well-known to be meticulous about goods entering and leaving the country. Corresponding paperwork with respect to taxes, tariffs and certifications should be prepared neatly to avoid any troubles. Furthermore, also the China Customs Restrictions for banned items should be adhered.

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china visa requirements are easy to understand

Visas for China: Overview and Basic Guideline

China visa requirements for citizens of Western countries are quite strict. The visa application process should be done in your home country, but Westerners can usually go without a visa to Hong Kong or Macau and also apply from there. Tourist, business and work visas are the most common types.

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China trade barriers are tariff and non-tariff ones

Taxes and Duties: Tariff Barriers to Trade in China

Tariff barriers to trade are commonly used to tax imports to a country and sometimes also exports from a country. Value-added tax, consumption tax and general custom duty are the most important China tariff barriers. The main purposes of are to provide funding for the government and to protect the domestic industry.

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china import quotas are a special kind of non-tariff trade barrier

Quotas & Restrictions: Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade in China

Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade are used to restrict the amount of imports. Annual quantity or value limits for certain goods are determined. China Import Quotas are limited to a few countries & products. A tariff-rate quota is similar since duties for goods increase after a certain amount. Tariffs and quotas are similar.

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Import Duty Rates China differ vastly, depending on where you live

Customs: Duties, Fees & Taxes Overview

Chinese duties, fees and taxes are a fairly complicated issue of international trade. They strongly depend on the good, the country of origin and the country of destination. However, there are a few general principles that are almost always relevant – also for import duty rates China and Chinese import duty rates.

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