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Manufacturing History - China’s Industry Development

Manufacturing History: China’s Industry Development

China has a long Manufacturing History dating back long before the current political system. Its recent impressive catch up was accomplished by deliberate choices. China Manufacturing Industry Analysis let’s you expect that China’s Industry Development will remain a manufacturing country in the foreseeable future.

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China Labor Costs are rising but automation limits the effect

Labor Costs in China: Implications of Rising Wages

Despite that China Labor Costs keep increasing, the country manages to stay competitive with respect to other developing countries in Asia. Productivity is growing quicker than in other countries because of automation and better organization. Rising Labor Costs in China attract more investment in the hinterlands.

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China Monetary Policy has a big influence on exports and imports

Yuan & Renminbi: China’s Monetary Policy Basics

Despite that the China Monetary Policy has been liberalized partially, the government continues to control the capital account. Exchanging the Yuan or Renminbi to other currencies is still restricted. The Yuan increasingly gains international significance mainly due to the size of economy and China Currency Policy.

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business cycle china has declined from a high level without recession

Business Cycle in China: Decreasing Growth Rates

The overall Business Cycle China trend is still towards GDP Growth. A Trade Cycle describes the normal economic development of alternating booms and recessions. However, it is difficult to see the Economic Cycle China in this context since it has seen growth for decades. Learn more about China’s growth history.

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china research and development is catching up and influences the goods exported

Research & Development in China (R&D): Advancing Scholarship

China spends 2.1% of its GDP on Research and Development (R&D), which is in the range of Western countries usually investing 2% to 3%. China Research and Development (R&D) Absolute Spendings will be the highest in the world in a few years. The level of schooling for certain parts is at the very top internationally.

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Chinese economic reform have lead to the strong manufacturing sector seen today

Economic Liberalization: The Chinese Economic Reform

Since the 1970s, China is undergoing a more or less continuous Liberalization Process and Economic Reform. Reductions in tariffs & barriers to trade allowed China to enter the WTO in the 1990s. Although the pace of the Chinese Economic Reform slowed down, the overall tendency indicates further Economic Liberalization.

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