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Product Specification is the crucial first step for manufacturing

Product Specifications: Determination and Design

A Product Specification is at the beginning of every production project. Misunderstandings are common and the reason for many coordination problems. Product Design Specification and Product Design Definition guidelines will help you to be detailed and precise in all aspects of your product and later manufacturing.

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China E-commerce is much more advanced than in Western countries

E-Commerce: China’s Online Market Places

Importers wonder where to find and procure cost-effective products in China. Get an overview and introduction of China’s online marketplace and E-commerce websites. China E-Commerce is prospering. Learn why China’s online market and sites are much more developed than the retail market.

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Classifications: How to Distinguish Between Products

Several standards for Product Classifications in international trade that serve different purposes. Depending on the Product Categorization, the use for customs procedures or analytical purposes are the objective. This article provides a comprehensive overview for Industrial Good Classification.

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