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Chinese Legal System has many pitfalls

Legislation: An Introduction to the Chinese Legal System

The Chinese Legal System is obviously different from Western countries since there is no separation of the legislative. Existing laws are not always and everywhere enforced which leads to idiosyncratic judgments. The law in China is divided into three separate categories: civil law, criminal law and administrative law.

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WTO dispute China and US have important implication on trade

Jurisdiction in Trade: The WTO & Dispute Settlement

The WTO serves as international authority with respect to trade conflicts. Agreements, WTO law and allegations about violations are negotiated here. It is in fact the only supranational instance that is in the position to judge countries for misbehavior. The WTO dispute China faces is based on this legislation.

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Joint Ventures China are becoming less important but remain significant

Joint Ventures in China: Regulations, Risks & Opportunities

Despite that China is slowly cutting back its restrictions on foreign investment, mandatory Joint Venture Agreements are still common. Whether it is necessary to form one with a domestic company depends on strategic decisions by the government. Joint Ventures China based can be lucrative but also imply risks.

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