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Things You Need to Know About Plastics

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Introduction, Pros & Cons

OEM Manufacturing allows you realizing your own product ideas while the Manufacturing Company only does the implementation. An Original Equipment Manufacturer should have experience with similar products, but the production line is set up for your needs. Get a new product, but benefit from the manufacturers capacities.

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ODM manufacturing with white and private label are an affordable way to start manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM): Introduction, Pros & Cons

ODM Manufacturing is commonly categorized into White Label & Private Label Production. ODM Manufacturing Companies allow you to make use of a supplier that can already produce the good you are interested in. An Original Design Manufacturer lets you take part in their expertise & returns to scale saving you cost & time.

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International trade terms are crucial for import and export

Jargon: Learn about Trade & Manufacturing Terms

International Trade Terms are mainly the Incoterms by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They commonly determine sales practices in contracts and imply what seller and what buyer have to pay for with respect to the stages of delivery. These Commodity Terms of Trade help to agree on contracts with suppliers.

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Chinese Business Culture is important for starting your manufacturing project in China

Chinese Business Culture: Etiquette for Saving Face

Understanding Chinese Culture in general and Chinese Business Culture in particular is crucial for dealing with Chinese professionals. Many small rules and taboos exist, but a general knowledge about keeping face and basic etiquette are most important. These insights are helpful to get along in Chinese Work Culture.

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