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Shipping from China can be tricky, many options for containers, rates and co

Shipping: Containers, Rates and Documents

There are many ways to get goods from Asia/China to their destination. Sea freight is the by far most common one. Several aspects regarding size or utilisation of containers & a number of Shipping Companies in China or Asia have to be considered. A variety of shipping documents are required for Shipping from China.

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China Infrastructure is an important factor of booming manufacturing

Infrastructure & Trade Routes: The Rapid Modernization

In contrast to most developing countries, China already has advanced infrastructure development in place at least for urban areas. China Infrastructure Spending on improvements accounts for 9% of its GDP annually. The country is eager to bring its infrastructure up to the level of a developed nation.

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Business Negotiations in China are crucial for sourcing and manufacturing

Contract Negotiations: Chinese Business Bargaining

Business Negotiations in China are more difficult to handle than in Western countries since personal relationships play a bigger role. One should still be familiar with the product to avoid being overcharged. An additional challenge is to transfer results into an enforceable contract for Contract Negotiations in China.

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China Quality Inspection are crucial to maintain manufacturing quality

Monitoring & Inspection: How to Do Factory Inspections & QC

A factory inspection corresponds to quality assurance and the monitoring of goods corresponds to quality control. Both are crucial to avoid the problems that Chinese and other Asian manufacturers are known for. China Quality Inspection can be conducted by yourself or by Third Party Inspection Companies.

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transfer money to china has many different options with pros and cons

Money Transfers: Different Methods to Pay Suppliers

Most Chinese suppliers & manufacturers accept a broad range of payment methods. Options to transfer money to China for paying suppliers differ most importantly with respect to their risk, speed and cost. Since usually a deposit of about 30% has to be made before production, consider it before any business is conducted.

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