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china currency war has become very important factor recently

Trade Wars: Customs and Currency Conflicts

Protectionist measures are increased reciprocally in a Trade War between countries. China Currency War & China Custom War tendencies are often seen. Initially limited to certain products, revenge intentions can escalate and hurt the economies of all countries. Regulations by the WTO are important to prevent conflicts.

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China trade barriers are tariff and non-tariff ones

Trade Barriers in China: Tariff & Non Tariff Barriers

Tariff and Non-Tariff barriers to trade are the most common measures to control their exports and imports. Also for China trade barriers, the former is about raising taxes and the latter about introducing limits to the amount of goods traded. Less common China trade barriers are anti-dumping duties & export restraints.

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China world trade terms have changed a lot thanks to WTO

Trade Associations: China’s Membership in WTO and Co

Due to its export orientation, China joined the globally most important trade associations relatively early and consequently had to adapt to their standards. China World Trade Organisation (WTO) & World Customs Organization joining are the most important Trade Association, which goes further than trade agreements.

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China Trade Agreements play an important role for import and export

Trade Agreements of China: Current & Planned Treaties

China has naturally the closest Trade Agreements with Hong Kong and Macau, but there are also extensive China Trade Agreements with a number of other countries all over the world, such as a China ASEAN Trade Agreement. Current trade agreements are usually about the implementation of (limited) free trade.

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China Trade Policy dominates past and current problems with importing from China

Chinese Trade Policy: The Shift to a Consumption Based Economy

China is currently undergoing a fundamental change with respect to its economic policy that is strongly connected to trade. China Trade Policy emphasises for export orientation on a macro economic level is coming to an end and internal Consumer & Consumption Driven Economy increasingly moves into center of attention.

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