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Supplier Selection is an important step for sourcing your product

Supplier Selection: Criteria and Quotations

Supplier Selection and Supplier Evaluation Criteria are the most important success factor for a manufacturing project. Despite that suppliers may offer the same product, the price is not the only aspect that should be taken into consideration and that your decision should be based on in the Supplier Selection Process.

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Marketing in China is important when you try to enter the market

Channels of Trade: Overview About Marketing Diversity

There are three major distribution channels of Product Marketing in China: Direct marketing, retail marketing, and wholesale marketing. While retail marketing is by far the most important channel of trade in Western countries, the situation of marketing in China is more diverse. China Retail Sales are very segregated.

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China Import and Export Fairs are plenty but have lost significance

Trade Fairs: Exhibition Overview and Tips

China Import and Export Fairs have lost significance due to the rise of online platforms, but a China Trade Fair is still useful if you want to get in touch with many suppliers in a short time. Furthermore, particularly Trade Exhibitions about niche product categories allow you to find related companies.

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Jobs in China are especially interesting in trade and manufacturing

Occupations in Trade: Job Opportunities in China

Job Opportunities In China are becoming a more and more attractive for foreigners from Western countries. However, also Chinese companies are expanding increasingly to Western countries which offers attractive perspectives, too. The outlook for both ways to engage with Jobs in China and Getting a Job in China is good.

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Entering the Chinese Market remains difficult but is still lucrative

Market Access: How to Enter the Chinese Market

Entering the Chinese Market is attractive for Western companies since it’s large and growing. Exporting, using distributors, licensing/franchising and investing directly are the most common ways. The different ways of Market Access to China have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the product & circumstances.

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Fair Trade in China is not common but possible

Fair & Organic Trade: A Prosperous Perspective

Fair Trade in China is not common, neither from a production nor from consumption perspective. The awareness for social issues is still relatively low. However, Organic Trade China has potential because of health concerns & the food scandals, which makes it increasingly popular. Organic Trading Company can help.

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