Can you get genuine Apple products from China?

Are Apple Products Found in China?

Apple goods are easily accessible in China. However, there are only a small number of Apple stores. There are, however, a large number of authorized merchants. I live in Shenzhen and have an iPad. If your question is “can you buy genuine Apple goods from China via the internet at a severely discounted price?” The answer, is unfortunately, “No.”

While everyone knows Apple goods are made in China, most fail to understand is that due to the Chinese tax system, the price of goods at a wholesaler are 99% of the times higher than back in the States. Apple is very well known for the superb monitoring of their sub manufacturers. They detail where everything goes—all the way down to the last bolt. Despite otherwise, the Apple authorized manufacturers are unable actually provide genuine products. Such product are genuinely fake and nothing else. Shenzhen is filled with runners who travel back and forth from Hong Kong buying Apple products.


If you are looking for pricing from China that is below what you can discover back home, be very concerned. Scammers prey on foreign clients who believe they are getting cheap prices. Often times, the scammers take your deposit and disappear. If you are lucky enough to receive the products, you will quickly see they are not genuine.

Why does the scam artist target small scale foreign buyers of brand name electronics?

  1. A large number of small retailers are working on little margins and won’t do appropriate due diligence.
  2. A large number of small retailers don’t come to China or hire a 3rd party inspection agent to monitor the products before the products ship out and before the last payment is made. Possibly, the retailers don’t believe it only costs several 100 USD to have an examination agent check the products
  3. A large number of small retailers of electronics have grown accustomed to purchasing and selling on the website back home.
  4. Small retailers usually will not attempt to find the scammer because of price constraints
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