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Que Hacemos

El trabajo de una empresa manufacturera

Desarrollar una línea de producción con fábricas aprobadas en China es todo un desafío y requiere de un profundo compromiso. Como empresa cercana a las fábricas, nos aseguramos de que el producto cumpla las normas, lo que le permitirá centrarse en otras partes de su negocio. ¿Cómo?

En lugar de trabajar con agentes no autorizados, nos asociamos con fábricas certificadas para asegurarnos de que su producto sea asequible y de alta calidad. Incluso cuando trabajamos con un nuevo proveedor, nuestras auditorías de fábrica y debidos servicios de diligencia le ayudarán a reducir los riesgos de incumplimiento. Nuestras expertas habilidades en negociación de contratos le asegurarán un contrato que sea justo y fácilmente aplicable.

Nuestros Servicios


Trabajamos directamente con usted para mejorar su control de calidad supervisando estrictamente la fábrica para asegurar que se ajusta a las más altas normas de control de calidad.


Trabajamos con un equipo de expertos para ayudarle a obtener el producto que está buscando.

Maersk shipping container being lifted in Hong Kong

Ayudamos a organizar la logística para que esté seguro de que sus productos llegan de un punto a otro.


  • wag logo white label production case study - intrepid sourcing


    Wag! needed to develop a sustainable supply chain that enabled them to source a variety of high-quality products at lower costs, reduce product lead times and more efficiently deliver those goods to their customers. The necessary flexibility of a tech startup has to be transferred to the procurement of physical products.
  • om the go logo garments yoga production case study - intrepid sourcing

    Om the Go

    Om the Go understood that setting up the production line in the US, although convenient, entailed greater costs. It considered the cost-effective alternative of moving its production line to China by contacting a local sourcing company, which to their dismay, charged a very high price. A more hands-on approach by a manufacturing services provider with presence in China was needed. 
  • Sun staches logo electronics production case study - intrepid sourcing


    Sun-Staches constantly needs to develop new products in order to expand their product range. As a result, they are looking for solutions for quick product development, here mainly for the electronics integration. Having little experience with electronics product design, they needed professional help to check the possibilities.
  • Basis Covered Media Manufacturing Starter Package Case Study Logo - Intrepid Sourcing

    Basis Covered Media

    Basis Covered Media had to ensure that their stocks and product portfolio were always up to date. They needed identification of lucrative products and reliable suppliers with specialized white labeling solutions who can deliver the products to them fast and at a high quality. Transacting with many different reliable suppliers for a variety of customized products was too difficult and costly, considering that they had no means to assess the production capacity of each potential supplier directly.
  • Eve Motion Manufacturing Analytics Logo Case Study - Intrepid Sourcing


    EveMotion needed to address supplier issues and IPR legal issues. One item that they frequently imported from China was some type of electric scooter. However, the IPR situation was complicated and their supplier was not the only one holding a patent for this specific product design. Without knowing it, EveMotion sold the product online, resulting in their local competitor suing them for intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement since their supplier also owned a patent.

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