Global Marketing: Some Tips

It’s important to create a global marketing strategy for your business regardless of the size. The benefits are incredible.

First, global marketing isn’t a standardized process; some specialists can be standardized (like your logo), while others (packaging or advertising) cannot. A global marketing strategy is one factor in a comprehensive global strategy which should incorporate all aspects of a business; a well-defined objective should is key.

Ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve abroad? What weaknesses and strengths are in that market? How will you overcome them? What upside potential do you have? The more detailed the objective, the clearer and more concentrated the global marketing strategy becomes.

If a global marketing strategy is done right, it can have many advantages for an organization. One such improvement would be improved product and service effectiveness. The more you grow, the faster you learn, and the more you learn, the more effective you become at rolling out new and developed product and service offerings.

Another advantage is stronger competitive advantage. A large number of companies are great at generating local basis, but not globally because they are unfamiliar with foreign cultures and business climates. This expands your customer base and provides more sources for your customers’ demands. With the Internet, your clients can follow the progress of a good worldwide—Give them something to follow.

Lastly, a global marketing strategy can reduce your costs thereby increasing savings. New markets means more demand and higher production which means you can access economies of scale. The cost savings can assist you serve customers better worldwide.

About the author

David writes about economic activity throughout Southeast Asia and specializes on international trade relating to China. In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Peking University.
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