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This week's newsletter has a new format and a new layout! Let us know what you think. Considering the fresh start, we thought it would be a great idea to summarize the first steps for starting a clothing line again. These tips may sound basic, but they are extremely helpful when thoroughly considered at the beginning.

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First Steps for Starting a Clothing Line
Having your own private label clothing line used to be a business venture limited only for those who have a hefty budget. However, times have changed wherein garment manufacturing is now possible for small business owners without the need to worry about complex processes as long as you know how to design your own clothes. Some people even see that small startup brands benefit most from current fashion trends. There are many small batch clothing brands out there who have thrived and took their respective businesses a notch higher.
1. Learn to Draw
Clothing designs start off as ideas but no one would really understand them until there are visual manifestations of these ideas. This is where your illustration skills play their part on how to design your own clothes. You do not really have to be a drawing virtuoso but at least you can be good enough to draw out your designs as basis for a tech pack which you can use for potential clothing manufacturers.
2. Get Acquainted with Sewing Basics
Sewing is the medium of your clothing designs. Even if your interest does not really lean towards this craft and is more biased towards design, you need to understand this is a prerequisite in starting a private label clothing line. You really do not have to know how to sew but at least be knowledgeable of sewing types, patterns and categories.
"I don't design clothes. I design dreams." — Ralph Lauren
3. Understand the Process
Simple and basic designs do attract customers but as a clothing line owner, you would usually not want to settle in simply creating basic designs for all your operations. You would want to innovate, and the key to design innovation is to understand the principles of design theory which allows you to look at things in a different perspective and reach out to your inner creativity.
4. Get Into Fashion
There are no written rules on how to design your own clothes. However, you have to keep in mind you are selling products here and you are not only doing this business to feed your artistry. This is why the need to be in touch with fashion and knowing what is trendy is important to apply to your clothing designs. Look what other clothing product design firms are doing.
5. Be Resourceful
There are tons of things to learn and you might feel there is too much work involved in starting a clothing line. The key in here is to be resourceful and take advantage of whatever tools and resources you have to fulfill your goal. It would be even better if you are able to hit two birds with one stone through tutorials which cover multiple topics/skills.
Present Your Design to Potential Manufacturers

If you are still new to the world of manufacturing, then the term “tech pack” might sound obscure to you. Factories and garment manufacturers will not understand your design unless it comes as a tech pack. A tech pack (a.k.a technical packet) is a set of documents presented by the product designer to the manufacturer relaying all of the specifications and info on the product to make it easier to manufacture. Any garment factory in the world can work with these files if prepared correctly.

The illustration of your design must include different views such as front side, back side or even different angle views if necessary. Other components included in the tech pack are material and fabric to be used on the garment. You should also include measurements as well as size specifications and might also add the accessories and extras needed for the product. With all these specifications, it will make it easier for the manufacturer to give suggestions and finalize sampling.

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