Amanzi Party Rental Tour

ClientAmanzi Party Rentals
Project TypeSourcing

Project Description

Amanzi Party Rentals approached us with a goal of learning more about China and the sourcing opportunities China had. We helped them enjoy a 10 day trip throughout all the major production areas for events equipment, including inflatables, event tables and chair, and tents.

Services Offered

Lead Time Assessment

Getting goods in time

Amanzi Party Rental needed an actual know-how about the Chinese market. In order to make good practice of the experience we initially offered to the client, we complemented the provided services with a flawless time management mechanism.

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Intermediary Services

Protect your sources

Upon establishment of partners on the Chinese market, Intrepid Sourcing has provided with an efficient and cost-effective route of product/service delivery. Our intermediary services also included an exporter tool to decrease tax obligations and a protocol that ensured maximum confidentiality between supplier and our client.

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Quality Control

Avoid surprises

Before shipping, Intrepid Sourcing made sure that Amanzi Party Rental has the green card for quality checks. We supported the quality control for our client with a double check protocol that identified issues at the smallest detail.

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About the Services

We offered a three-dimensional package which included quality control, time managing and supplier-client surveillance. Intrepid Sourcing provided a detailed protocol of quality check making sure that deadlines are fully respected. Plus, the supplier and client relationship was supervised by Intrepid Intermediary Services to ensure clarity and win-win conditions in the dialogue.


Our client remains a satisfied partner to our company. We easily communicated with the representatives and implemented timely solutions through transparent and high-quality processes for our client. The project was a success and now our client is successfully active on the Asian market.

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