Coxswain USA

ClientCoxswain USA
Project TypeSourcing

Project Description

Rick Kadets asked us to help him develop an affordable razor for his growing company. We helped him bring an low-cost razor for people concerned with quality beard care.

Services Offered

Due Diligence

The best supplier for your brand

Once Coxswain’s product has been developed, they needed a confident and trustworthy supplier that could deliver the product with low costs but increased efficiency. Intrepid Sourcing helped Coxswain’s line of products with the feature protocol Due Diligence which guarantees that our client speaks with the best supplier.

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Getting the brand right

The outside is as important as the inside. Coxswain’s razors had to win the hearts of customers at the first view and that was only possible with a top notch package. Intrepid Sourcing aided Coxswain in finding the right package that best suited the high-quality brand.

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Quality Assessment

Preserving your reputation

Intrepid Sourcing provided additional guidance to Coxswain by securing the product development and actual production with the Quality Assessment Protocol. We rapidly identified any possible issues and made sure the product line didn’t have any flaws.

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About the Services

Any product development project deserves the best attention. Intrepid Sourcing aided successfully the existence of a new quality razor that satisfied both our clients and their customers.


With great confidence, Coxswain prepared the launch of a new razor type that excels in efficiency and design. Intrepid Sourcing eased the process of the production with a complex quality assessment protocol to avoid any flaw. Plus, we encourage the packaging design to be in tune with the high-quality brand.

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