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ClientCrescent Wealth Management
Project TypeSourcing

Project Description

Crescent Wealth Management approached us with a procurement project where they wanted to put their logo on the products for a corporate event. We found suppliers for them who managed a production time of under 2 weeks.

Services Offered

Lead Time Assessment

Getting goods in time

When depending on procurement, the schedule has to run perfectly. For Crescent Wealth Management, we made sure everything was ready for their event in due time. Intrepid Sourcing provided time management protocols including schedule creation and supplier contact.

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Intermediary Services

Protect your sources

In order to make sure everything was perfect for the event, Intrepid Sourcing supported our client in searching for the best supplier. We made sure the client found the right supplier, legally and financially ready for this project, at an effective cost.

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Quality Control

Avoid surprises

An event hosted by our clients it is like a business card. To make sure, the products and the organization of the event were guaranteed, Intrepid Sourcing provided a complex and detailed-focused quality control.

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About the Services

Procurement projects need a trustworthy supplier, a high-quality control and an excellent time management. Intrepid Sourcing was able to offer all these for our client plus the guarantee of business processes taken care of. We always make sure that you get the best supplier deal and your business protocols are safe from harm.


With Intrepid Sourcing Solutions for on-time procurement and trustworthy supplier management, the client was able to receive products in less than 2 weeks. The products were delivered in high-quality with no flaw in production and transportation.

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