Marquee Event Group

ClientMarquee Event Group
Project TypeOEM/Sourcing

Project Description

Marquee Event Group first approached us under their Marquee Tent division in need of quality control. We helped arranged the quality control and the air freight. We later helped them procure an order of Chiavari chairs and furniture.

Services Offered

Lead Time Assessment

Getting goods in time

When the procurement refers to particular brand of products, we need to make sure that the product is acquired at the best cost and transported in the safest ways. Intrepid Sourcing achieved all these for Marquee Event Group and also ensured a timely process.

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Intermediary Services

Protect your sources

Intrepid Sourcing offered knowledgeable insights about the dynamics of the market. In this way, we made sure our client received the best supplier quote and the products were acquired safely and within the best cost-time-energy scheme.

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Quality Control

Avoid surprises

Intrepid Sourcing made sure that our client received the paid cargo in a safe manner. Also, the legal and financial protocols were run with complete efficiency and with great care for our client. Quality control must guarantee high standards at all levels.

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About the Services

Procurement projects need a top-notch time management and a high quality control. Intrepid Sourcing ensured both these factors and additional risk management tools for our client through efficient intermediary services.


Our client was 100% satisfied with the timely and safe manner of offering quality control. Plus, we successfully managed the safety and quality of the air freight. Our collaboration continued with a procurement order that needed care and attention to detail.

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