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ClientProbity Goods
Project TypeODM

Project Description

Probity Goods came to us looking to develop high quality dog leashes at a reasonable price. We helped them bring an affordable price to end consumers.

Services Offered

Due Diligence

The best supplier for your brand

When it comes to product development and distribution on a relatively new market, you need to win trustworthy relationships. Probity Goods needed a supplier with the best deal and wide activity spectrum. Intrepid Sourcing made this possible with an efficient supplier management feature.

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Getting the brand right

Pet lovers are looking for a package design that inspires high-quality and honesty. With our truest packaging solution, Probity Goods received the best packaging options at a flattering cost and they also pleased end customers.

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Quality Assessment

Preserving your reputation

A brand launching a new product must make sure there are no flaws. Intrepid Sourcing provided a quality assessment package that guaranteed a high-quality and flawless production line. Quality assessment also included supplier-client relation supervision.

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About the Services

When it comes to new products, companies have to reduce risks and reputation damage. Intrepid Solutions provided our client with a three-feature pack that ensures a high product quality, the best supplier deal and improved packaging.


Our client has successfully launched a new leash product for pets. The feedback from end customers has been highly motivational. Intrepid Sourcing has efficiently guarded the production and development process.

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