Procell Therapies Microneedles

procell micro-needle
ClientProcell Therapies
Project TypeOEM

Project Description

Procell Therapies approached us with the desire to produce a durable and safe medical device product. We managed the production time and successfully help them find a certified medical device supplier and produce the their first order with a defect rate of 0.01%.

Services Offered

Product Costing

Figuring out options and numbers

Health is a top priority for Procell Therapies. The health of their project has been our priority. With updated information about the market, Intrepid Sourcing found the best costs scheme for our client. With a cost-effective scheme, the production of the new medical device was financially guaranteed.

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Realising your design ideas

With our Prototyping feature through which we make sure our client’s ideas are not limited, we’ve managed to maximize the prototype research and development. We supervised and analyzed in detail the prototyping period.

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Prod. Line Assessment

Ensuring a consistent new product

Once the product design was set, Intrepid Sourcing provided a detailed assessment of the production process. With a keen-eye mechanism, we identified possible issues before it was too late and ensured a flawless final production line.

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About the Services

When a company involved in the OEM scheme wants to launch a new product, they need extra support. Intrepid Sourcing specializes in providing the best supplier deal on the market and ensuring a flawless process from prototyping to product delivery.


For Procell Therapies’ safe medical device, we succeeded in ensuring a quick production time. We also supported them in finding the legal documents and certified supplier. The first order was produced with a defect rate of 0.01%