safety sign clocks main logos with safety first in green
ClientCountdown Today Inc
Project TypeWhite Label

Project Description

John Bowen, the owner of Countdown Today, Inc enlisted us with making his safety sign clocks. We developed the Integrated Circuit and found a great source of printing for the logos.

Services Offered

Product Costing

Figuring out options and numbers

Costs impose a major issue for customized production lines. There are plenty of financial risks and one of them is not finding the right supplier. Luckily, Intrepid Sourcing aided Countdown Today with a beneficial cost scheme for the Safety Sign Clock product development.

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Realising your design ideas

Customized production lines cannot undergo the perks of sampling. Hence prototypes should be done in a limit-free protocol where the best idea must be turned to practice. Intrepid Sourcing gave our client the freedom to experiment the best product variable.

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Prod. Line Assessment

Ensuring a consistent new product

The new production line must be as flawless as possible and this has been achieved by Countdown Today with the full support of our assessment mechanisms. Intrepid Sourcing has a team of experts ready to find faults at the right time and reduce production errors.

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About the Services

The perfect package for new product development is offered by Intrepid Sourcing. With great consideration for the production costs, we manage a fair prototype period that ensures a high quality product. Moreover, we assess production line till the final steps.


Our client was happy to achieve a great product at lower costs and with a production error insignificant. Plus, we developed an efficient Integrated Circuit for the product. Also, we led our client to the best source for logo prints.