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Strategic clothing sourcing and manufacturing

Our garments production package is dedicated to implement a clothing production management system from the initial concept to its realization and mass production. We create a tech pack for your garment that gives an overview about the design and materials used based on your instructions. Sometimes customers are approaching us just with a clothing product idea, while others already have detailed apparel cut sheets or production files. Regardless at what stage you are; we are one of the few clothing manufacturing services companies that can help you with the entire apparel production process to get a professional clothing production management system normally only used by big brands.

An important part of custom OEM apparel production and strategic clothing sourcing is finding the right apparel suppliers and developing a design that is feasible for affordable mass production. In contrast to all other clothing manufacturing companies, our apparel production process has clearly defined steps and success metrics that save you time and money. By working with specialized clothing production companies, we provide access to specialists for sports clothing, underwear, outdoor apparel and many more while being supervised by one of our garment engineers.

Our Clothing Production Process

Clothing manufacturing services just as you need them

Intrepid Sourcing’s clothing production management covers the basics of reducing the time, cost and effort necessary for garment development and production, which is normally very expensive and success metrics of other clothing production companies are only vaguely defined. In contrast, our clothing production process and the associated garments production package has clearly delineated clothing manufacturing services. The determination and optimization of your lead time in clothing production is one central aspect and a realistic cost estimate in apparel production is another crucial part of production planning in the garment industry.

Furthermore, after the basics are covered, we can also help with further reaching steps of related clothing manufacturing services.Other parts of creating a successful product are clothing product packaging design and implementation. Without a unique approach to clothing product packaging design, your otherwise great product might make selling it much harder. Further apparel production services that we offer in contrast to many clothing manufacturing services companies are affordable logistics and intermediary services.

As references for our expertise and experience for production planning in the garment industry, check out our Garments Industry Report, Fashion Accessories Industry Report and the following Garments Production Case Studies.

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