Production Monitoring is more Important than pre-shipment Inspection

When performing a pre-shipment inspection, the non-conformities identified usually oblige the supplier to rework or replace the goods that the buyer cannot accept; however the buyer should know that he is taking risks by taking such a decision. Three risks exist if people want to repair their goods:

  1. Manipulating finished goods can create new defects
  2. There is usually no guarantee the supplier can improve the defect(s)
  3. The delivery will certainly be delayed for few days

Three risks if people want to replace the goods:

  1. There will be shipment delays of days or weeks
  2. Some suppliers require a financial support
  3. A long negotiation process which is time consuming and cost money.
About the author

David writes about economic activity throughout Southeast Asia and specializes on international trade relating to China. In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Peking University.
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