Quality Control Plan in the Industry of Manufacturing

Establishing a quality control plan is a must when you are a sourcing company working alongside couriers, suppliers, and manufacturers. In this type of business, you cannot always expect to get the perfect product every single time but having a robust quality control plan helps assure you in this aspect. So even if every batch may not be perfect, they may at least live up to your standards and expectations all the time. This is a brief introduction to our quality control plan and how we protect the business to make sure our clients are satisfied 100% of the time.

Quality control is used to make the following products: Garments, Plastics, Electronics, and Branded/Logo Items.


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Defining Quality Control

Quality control focuses on entertaining the client’s product specifications along with the manufacturing processes involved to create the product. The quality control plan aims to identify any form of issues affecting customer expectations and may deteriorate your service quality. If such issues are identified right away, then customer relations remain nurtured for better long-term relationships and prevent future problems.

The product quality control does not only cover the actual quality of the product and factors revolving around the manufacturing process but rather focuses on the service quality in general. In our company, we do not only care about product quality but also checks on delivery time and production schedules. Even though some of these are beyond our control, we still try to oversee these processes because we believe we are responsible and liable in case the schedules fall behind and production is delayed. Our quality control plan plays its part before, during and post-production.

You can choose to hire a product quality control company to facilitate your quality control plan. There are a lot of third party inspection companies who are willing to do the dirty work of quality control in exchange for a cheap price. However, if you really want to be hands-on with the process of creating a quality control plan then you can form a team under your company tasked to do the quality control process. Always keep in mind this option could be a bit more expensive considering additions to the payroll and other expenses.

Sourcing businesses are always challenging given the very competitive industry they are in, but things could be made easier by implementing a standard quality control plan. The business is under protection with a quality control plan installed. Manufacturing problems can be prevented in advance and standards are met every time. If quality is the top priority of your company, then a quality control plan is a must-have in your office.

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